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chart out

To establish a plan, method, or course for something. After Rose's surgery, the doctor will chart out a treatment plan for her ongoing physical therapy. Mom and dad are still charting out a course for our road trip.
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off the charts

1. Quite a lot more or better than is usual or was expected. Our electricity bill was off the charts last month! How could we be using that much energy?
2. Especially or unbelievably great, wonderful, exciting, etc. I'm telling you, that concert is going to be off the charts!
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In music, a ranking of the most popular songs and albums for a particular time frame based on certain criteria, such as sales. This song was never big on the charts, but it gained a cult following.
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org chart

Short for "organizational chart," a diagram that clearly displays the structure of an organization and the roles and hierarchy of its various members. If they people at the top of the org chart have bad habits or poor work ethic, that is going to inevitably trickle down to the people at the bottom. We did away with the org chart, instead simply allocated the functional roles everyone needed to perform and while doing away with any kind of power structure.
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chart something out (for someone or something)

to lay out a plan or course for someone or something. The navigator charted the course out for the captain. The captain charted out the course for us.
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off the ˈcharts

(about a score, number, price, etc.) far higher or better than normal: Gas prices are off the charts, making this an expensive winter for home heating.The response has been off the charts. Everybody loved it.
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n. a musical score. (see also map.) Come on, man! Look at the chart! You’re making clinkers like hot cakes.


n. the trade magazine rankings of current pop music. The big one is back on the charts this week. Give it a listen.
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So get familiar with Excel's chart functions to send the message you want.
The Pareto chart ranks causes of scrap (starting with the most important) and shows you where the largest contributor to the scrap is to be found (see Fig.
This chart shows that the foundry's most important problem is burn-in.
If you adjust your project schedule, the chart will be updated automatically.
Most people are familiar with the chart named for its resemblance to a thermometer; it measures progress toward a goal--usually in percentages.
Median/Individual charting reportedly solves this dilemma by combining the median and individual control charts.
The package consists of a configuration kit that provides the necessary tools to set up data collection, design data input screens, and produce charts.
The [X-bar] chart shows when the average level of the process has shifted upward or downward, compared with past performance.
This option provides a more valid estimate of [Sigma], but calculations and control chart interpretation become more difficult.
Molders SPC provides real-time SPC (the full range of statistical charts as well as regression analysis), secondary gauging, and post-analysis capabilities.
Through Excel's own macro language and custom dialog boxes, SPC Orchestra works as an extension to Excel, generating all common SPC charts and statistics.