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charm (someone) with (something)

To enthrall and interest someone with something. During my visit this weekend, the school tried to charm me with activities and future internship opportunities, but I'm still just not interested in going there. She's no fool, so you'll have a hard time charming her with money alone.
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Prince Charming

The (hypothetical) perfect man who has all of the traits that one (usually a woman) wants in a romantic partner. I'd almost given up hope of ever finding my own Prince Charming before I met you!
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ˌPrince ˈCharming

(usually humorous) a man who seems to be a perfect boyfriend or husband because he is attractive, kind, etc: I’m still waiting for my Prince Charming!
This expression refers to a character in fairy tales such as Cinderella.
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Every ballet is packed full of drama, mystery, romance and mystery and these stories charmingly retell six of the most famous, each complete with a historical introduction outlining how the story came to be written and made into a ballet.
Bear's emotions are charmingly captured in simple lines.
Phew started her musical career in short-lived punk band Aunt Sally, whose energetic, charmingly amateurish debut now fetches hundreds of dollars.
Observers describe him as 'very funny, with sharp lines charmingly delivered'.
Retired "Calvin and Hobbes" creator Bill Watterson, who rarely makes public statements, said Thompson "has a sharp eye, a fun sense of language, and a charmingly odd take on the world.
You don't have to be a history buff to appreciate Historic Spanish Point, one of the prettiest and most interesting spots in Sarasota County, but it helps if you like lush green gardens, charmingly restored homes from the turn of the last century, and breathtaking water views.
Former 007 agent Pierce Brosnan played a charmingly neurotic assassin in his first post-Bond outing, The Matador.
Finish your holiday in the Muscadet region near the Atlantic coast, lodged at the Palladian-styled Chateau du Breil in the midst of the Muscadet vineyards, where peacocks charmingly roam the estate.
By removing the 1930s mock Georgian offices (despite nonsensical opposition from the Georgian Society), a strategy emerged that not only rationalised the internal organisation, but also provided the opportunity to make a significant contribution to Chichester's townscape in three ways: restoring the rightful dominance of Pallant House by setting the (controversial) principal entrance elevation behind a newly revealed and quoined corner; creating a new courtyard on axis with the house, discreetly located behind the listed garden wall on East Pallant; and, perhaps most charmingly, by creating a series of loosely arranged volumes to the east that extend the city's higgledy-piggledy disposition of masonry walls, punched-out windows and opposing pitched roofs.
Charmingly illustrated by Swiss artist Christoph Heuer in a cartoon-like manner, Lola And Fred is an enrapturing, wordless picturebook story of Lola the Tortoise and Fred the Frog.
In this warmly written, charmingly humane book, Samuel Wells contends that the situation is quite the contrary.
Leave it to the Italians to create the most charmingly designed non-stick pans I've ever seen.
8 CARIBOU, THE MILK OF HUMAN KINDNESS (LEAF) As a live act, they blow minds more charmingly than most.
Enhanced with the charmingly memorable artwork of Helen Cann, "On That Christmas Night" is a very special and highly recommended contribution to family and community library Christmas picturebook collections.
Thanks to timely intervention by a charmingly eccentric widow and some of his friends, Lewis comes to learn that he may be descended from French royalty.