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charm (someone) with (something)

To enthrall and interest someone with something. During my visit this weekend, the school tried to charm me with activities and future internship opportunities, but I'm still just not interested in going there. She's no fool, so you'll have a hard time charming her with money alone.
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Prince Charming

The (hypothetical) perfect man who has all of the traits that one (usually a woman) wants in a romantic partner. I'd almost given up hope of ever finding my own Prince Charming before I met you!
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ˌPrince ˈCharming

(usually humorous) a man who seems to be a perfect boyfriend or husband because he is attractive, kind, etc: I’m still waiting for my Prince Charming!
This expression refers to a character in fairy tales such as Cinderella.
See also: charming, prince
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The 2,900sqft store is operated by Charming Charlie's international licensing partner Apparel Group, which has planned further growth for the brand in the Middle East this year, according to a statement.
Jane Austen's novels are packed with charming characters all of whom readers are subtly warned to beware of.
The Committee for Charms, Charmers, and Charming was established six years ago as part of the International Society for Folk Narrative Research, and this is the third volume its members have produced.
An incredibly charming fellow," the actor said in a particularly charming way
As a result, Charming Shoppes' shares were delisted from the NASDAQ Global Select Market and the Chicago Stock Exchange.
In a nutshell: Peter Rabbit's creator gets a charming biopic - even if the wrong actress was cast as the lead.
You are looking at pictures of the World Worm Charming Championships.
The coach told us that he had heard the poem recited a few times at a little Italian bistro in San Francisco -- always by a charming itinerant named Jim O'Leary, who claimed that it was derived from an old Irish proverb.
13 June 2012 - US women's apparel retailer Ascena Retail Group Inc (NASDAQ:ASNA) has finalised its tender offer for the takeover of peer Charming Shoppes Inc (NASDAQ:CHRS) with 81.
Intrigued by this charming adventurer and tired of her humdrum life (much to the dismay of her boyfriend), Rose eventually accepts his invitation to travel through time and space in his ship called the Tardas, which looks like a British police callbox left over from the '60s (one of the jokes).
And that's how Cinderella was struggling along fighting fires in this city for the past 52 years until Prince Charming showed up one day about six months ago.
Clinton may have been charming, but there was no substance beyond that charm, and that's why he wasn't a first-tier president.