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Some of their braves, also, who have had numerous hairbreadth 'scapes, like the old Nez Perce chief in the battle of Pierre's Hole, are believed to wear a charmed life, and to be bullet-proof.
"My dear friend, I have a charmed life in this city.
Little Teddy bore a charmed life, for nothing ever happened to him, and Jo never felt any anxiety when he was whisked up into a tree by one lad, galloped off on the back of another, or supplied with sour russets by his indulgent papa, who labored under the Germanic delusion that babies could digest anything, from pickled cabbage to buttons, nails, and their own small shoes.
I think all were gone when a group of savage boys surrounded Hook, who seemed to have a charmed life, as he kept them at bay in that circle of fire.
She bore a charmed life and prospered amid dangers and alarms.
So surely as the smoke cleared away, so surely there was he; calling hoarsely to his companions, brandishing his axe above his head, and dashing on as though he bore a charmed life, and was proof against ball and powder.
Up and down the ladders, upon the roofs of buildings, over floors that quaked and trembled with his weight, under the lee of falling bricks and stones, in every part of that great fire was he; but he bore a charmed life, and had neither scratch nor bruise, nor weariness nor thought, till morning dawned again, and only smoke and blackened ruins remained.
That young man must have borne a charmed life. I saw him riding and cheering his men on when he must have had at least half a dozen wounds in his body.
All this energy was wasted, though.'That animal has a charmed life,' he said; 'but you can say this only of brutes in this country.
But Athos might be said to bear a charmed life. The balls passed and whistled all around him; not one struck him.
She lives a charmed life which includes joining Billy Crawford in his meetings and getting serenaded by Moira De La Torre.
Peru's goal led a charmed life in the knockout matches against Uruguay and Chile.
The argument that mountaineers live a charmed life is true to a great extent but do mountain communities do enough to protect them?
Prue told Good Housekeeping she is "very conscious" of how fortunate she is to have led such a charmed life.?