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She also has the classic silhouettes with the dates of her children's births etched in them, and she has a charm with their photograph on it, too, from back when the Auburn Mall was new.
Charlie Kate (Gena Rowlands) is an intuitive healer: When we first meet her, she's rescuing a lynched black man who gives her a charm with the explanation, ``It brings an easy life to those who carry it - you ought to have it.
Since then, Stevens and Baffert have tried to drill the speed back into Silver Charm with a series of fast workouts, the latest a five-eighths-of-a-mile blast Monday whose 57-second clocking was best of the morning by 1 3/5.
And we're going for the Triple Crown,'' shouted Bob Lewis, the California beer distributor who owns Silver Charm with his wife, Beverly.