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1. verb To replenish a battery by connecting it to an electrical source. I have to charge my phone because the battery just died. When my car wouldn't start this morning, I had to call a service to help me charge the battery.
2. noun Control or authority over someone or something. To convey this meaning, the phrase "in charge" is typically used. With this promotion, you will be in charge of the entire department. You need to take charge of this situation before it gets out of control.
3. noun Strong feelings of excitement. I get such a charge from singing on stage that I doubt I'll be able to sleep tonight!
4. noun A drug-induced high. Be careful taking that stuff—I got too much of a charge from it last time.
5. noun A dose or portion of a drug. I just need a little charge—isn't there anything you can give me, man?

*charge (of someone or something)

control of someone or something; the responsibility for caring for someone or something. (*Typically: take ~; have ~; give someone ~.) How long have you had charge of this office? He took charge of the entire company.

charge someone or something (with) something

to make someone or a group pay the cost of something. I will have to charge Bill with the cost of repairs. The manager will charge your account with about forty dollars.


(something) for someone to demand an amount of money to pay for someone's ticket, fare, admission, treatment, etc. Tickets are expensive. They charged sixty dollars for each seat. I didn't realize they charged for children.


1. n. a dose or portion of a drug. (Drugs.) Just a little charge till I can get to my candy man.
2. n. a drug’s rush. (Drugs.) What kind of charge do you expect out of half-cashed weed?
3. n. a thrill. I got a tremendous charge out of your last letter.


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Some law firms bill the line charges to clients, but the propriety of such charges is debatable.
To rectify this long-standing oversight, Hughes and Deutch studied existing experimental data and found a way to combine the results from two different types of experiments to provide a direct, independent measure of the ratios of the electron-positron and proton-antiproton charges.
This new type of MAAC limitation on the physician's charges will continue to apply once the new fee schedule begins in 1992.
In short, banks charge fees (both implicit and explicit) for providing financial services.
Prepare cost projections of when money will be coming in to pay the credit or charge card bill.
This account pays no interest and imposes no fee if a minimum balance is maintained; otherwise the account incurs a single monthly fee but no charge per check.
The dilemma facing the litigants as well as the court was that if the bank had not secured a Receiver, the condominium would lose the common charges to the bank until after the bank's mortgage is fully repaid at the foreclosure sale.
Still, the ground's charge moves beneath the cloud like a shadow, climbing any tall objects -- like a church steeple or a tree--that will bring it closer to the cloud.
The insurance company with the lowest percentage combined annual charges (0.
Although results varied somewhat from trial to trial, the researchers found that charged areas were often substantially larger than the expected contact area and contained both positive and negative charges.