charged up

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charge up

1. To excite or rouse. A noun or pronoun can be used between "charge" and "up." The loud music charged the fans up before the start of the game. Once you see how charged up she gets when she talks about art, I think you'll agree that it is truly her passion.
2. To connect something to an electrical or power source so that it regains a full battery. A noun or pronoun can be used between "charge" and "up." Let's take a picture with your phone—I'm still charging mine up. It takes way too long to charge up this wireless vacuum cleaner.
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charged up

1. Literally, having a full battery. Let's take a picture with your phone—mine isn't charged up yet.
2. Excited and exuberant. The loud music kept the fans charged up during the time-out in the game.
3. Intoxicated, especially with drugs. That guy is acting so erratically that he must be charged up—did you guys see him take anything?
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charged up

1. Lit. [of something such as a battery] full of electrical power. The battery is completely charged up. If the battery isn't charged, the car won't start.
2. Fig. [of someone] excited; enthusiastic. The crowd was really charged up. Tom is so tired that he cannot get charged up about anything.
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charged (up)

1. mod. slightly overdosed with drugs. (Drugs.) He was talking fast and nodding his head back and forth. I think he was charged.
2. mod. drug intoxicated. (Drugs.) Paul was one charged up guy after the session.
3. mod. excited. The audience was charged up and ready for the star to come out.
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