charge (one) with (something)

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charge (one) with (something)

1. To officially accuse one of a crime. They finally caught Capone by charging him with tax evasion.
2. To assign one a particular task. Don't worry, I charged my top aide with that assignment, so we should have an update soon.
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charge someone with something

1. to place criminal charges against someone. The police charged Max with robbery.
2. to order someone to do a particular task. The president charged him with organizing the meeting. We charged her with locating new office space.
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charge with

1. Impose a duty or task on, as in He was charged with getting this message to the commissioners. [c. 1300]
2. Accuse of a crime, as in He was charged with creating a disturbance. [Mid-1500s]
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References in classic literature ?
His words seemed suddenly to become charged with more weight.
Constable,' said I; 'let 'em go on.' The case was plain and could not be denied, so the constable was charged with the right thief, and the mercer told me very civilly he was sorry for the mistake, and hoped I would not take it ill; that they had so many things of this nature put upon them every day, that they could not be blamed for being very sharp in doing themselves justice.
I may keep a prisoner when I am charged with him, but 'tis the law and the magistrate alone that can discharge that prisoner; therefore
Fang, throwing the paper on one side, 'what's this fellow charged with?'
Roselia DelRosario, 36,of 9 Kingston Common Road, Worcester, was charged with trafficking in heroin.
? A 17-year-old male youth from L8, who cannot be identified, charged with violent disorder ?
They are: William Myers, 51, charged with violent disorder; Glen Sherman, 35, charged with violent disorder; Grant Mason, 42, charged with violent disorder; Ryan McDougal, 31, charged with violent disorder; Ojay Roynon, 30, charged with violent disorder and breach of football banning order; and Paul Cremin, 36, charged with violent disorder.
Had the timing of her actions been different, Stewart could have been charged with violating a little-noticed provision of the PATRIOT Act that makes it a crime to provide "expert advice or assistance" to a terrorist group.
In that case, a Department of the Treasury Supervisory Police Officer, Lester Erickson, was charged with misconduct and for making false statements during an agency investigation.
* Jeffrey Clerk, 57, of Marion, was charged with battery on Jan.
* Richard Lewis, 53, of Marion, was charged with criminal trespass to property and violation of bail bond in the 900 block of Hillcrest Drive on April 2.
The remaining 12, who cannot be named for legal reasons, have also been charged with varying offences.
In general, the battery is initially charged with a constant current until the state of charge (SOC) reaches a certain value, after which it is charged with a constant voltage.
2, Worcester, charged with two counts of disorderly conduct; two counts of disturbing the peace; malicious destruction of property over $250; assault with dangerous weapon (knife); carrying a dangerous weapon (spring-loaded knife), held without bail, continued to April 24.