cost/pay/charge the earth

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cost the earth

To be exorbitantly expensive. A: "Your new car looks pretty slick!" B: "I should hope so, it cost the earth!" The company is making cutting-edge smartphones that don't cost the earth for consumers.
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cost (or charge or pay) the earth

cost (or charge or pay) a large amount of money. British informal
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cost/pay/charge the ˈearth

(British English, informal) cost/pay/charge a lot of money: It needn’t cost the earth to refurbish your offices.
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Most hotels like this charge the earth to go out on a jet ski or diving, but not here, and that's a huge bonus.
They charge the earth for medications advertised as wonder cures.
Speaking in the House of Commons he said: "This is a very serious fundamental problem that we still squeeze the summer holidays into about a six-week period when British Airways charge the earth to go anywhere and Center Parcs will treble their rates.
The main problem appears to be finding reliable workers who will turn up on time and won't charge the earth for their services.
Alan Patchett, director of Age UK Sunderland, said: "From our point of view we are keen to enable all of the people in Sunderland to access tradesmen who will do a good job and won't charge the earth. If people come to us to ask our help in finding a trademan, we will recommend Checked and Vetted.
But I discovered that they know how to do things well and not charge the earth for it.
Finding a decent school in Dubai with a good curriculum, KHDA rating and great activities that does not charge the earth is extremely Georgina Enzer
The last thing you want is an airline investing, say, for three years, with some form of underwriting support, and then moving on or looking to charge the Earth in a new deal to stay.
Places that are extremely well-designed with high levels of fit-out that don't charge the earth simply don't exist here.
Also the city council would probably charge the earth for such a find.
The truth is that it is not cheap but it is no worse than some of the other major European destinations which charge the earth for very little - yes, I'm looking at you London and Paris.
We find lots of people have fancy dress house parties, because some pubs and clubs charge the earth."
Like the doorstep loan sharks, they are happy to lend small amounts for short periods, but don't charge the earth.
It's a great family holiday destination with four large sandy beaches and lots of bars and restaurants which don't charge the earth.