charge in

charge in(to)

To rush quickly and perhaps haphazardly into a room, building, or other space. As soon as the kids finished the outdoor activities, they came charging into the house for birthday cake and presents. Everyone, please walk calmly inside once the doors open—don't just charge in.
See also: charge

charge in (to some place)

to move quickly or run wildly into a place. The people charged into the store on the day of the sale. They all charged in trying to be first in line.
See also: charge
References in classic literature ?
He evidently believes that the man clinging to his mane is attempting to restrain him from overtaking his prey, and so he pays no attention to this enemy, who, of course, does not retard the mighty charge in the least.
Prosecutors said they mistakenly filed a felony fraud charge against Mitnick in September 1993 and couldn't refile an appropriate charge in time.
Lightning results when negatively charged clouds induce a positive charge in the objects below them.