charge for

charge (something) for (something)

To establish a set price for something (such as an item purchased or a service rendered). How much are airlines charging for tickets these days? I can't believe a psychiatrist can charge $250 just for a consultation!
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charge (something) for something

to set a price in payment for something. You are charging too much for this. You really shouldn't charge for it at all.
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References in classic literature ?
It was the usual charge for an assault and battery on the person of Hiram Doolittle, and was couched in the ancient language of such instruments, especial care having been taken by the scribe not to omit the name of a single offensive weapon known to the law.
"Verily, your lordship," said Robin, scratching his head, "I have enjoyed your company so much, that I scarce know how to charge for it."
Adhering to the concept of cooperation and win-win, we will stimulate the potential of new energy vehicles and charging industry, continue to charge for the sustainable development of the industry, and provide end-to-end intelligent charging services for new energy vehicle customers, so that charging is no longer 'anxious'.
Meralco said the generation charge for this month amounted to P4.9828 per kwh, down by P0.0695 per kwh from P5.0523 per kwh last month.
Historically, the charge for long-distance telephone service was based on both time and distance.
Dr Thorniley-Walker and Partners, Gibson Court, Boldon Colliery: No charge for Polio or Typhoid but charges pounds 8 for Hepatitis A booster, given a year after the first dose.
Had Stallone made Rambo III ten years later, perhaps he would be facing a material support charge for creating propaganda in support of a terrorist organization.
A major issue seems to be that of being comfortable with what professional independent music teachers charge for our services.
With conventional chargers, a depleted battery receives a restorative charge for 6 to 8 hours typically.
The charge for this furnace is delivered by three dedicated 10-ton charge cars, and the furnaces are lined with silica boron oxide refractory.
We'll loan you 3% up front, and you pay the extra charge for seven years." Nationwide sold $4.38 billion in annuities through the first half of the year, which was two-thirds the amount it sold through all of 1999, according to the VARDS Report.
Our professional brethren in fields such as law and accounting learned long ago that it is only common sense to charge for all services rendered, regardless of whether they meet face to face with a client.
Select a few other banks in your area and ask what they charge for various services (see chart for a list of common charges).
A reasonable charge for her use and occupancy of the unit is at least the same amount as the common charges allocated to that unit.