charge at

charge at (someone or something)

To aggressively rush toward someone or something, as to attack. The crowd gasped as the bull charged at the matador. When that obnoxious guy charged at me, I ducked, and he ended up punching the wall.
See also: charge

charge at someone or something

to move quickly forward to attack someone or something. The elephant charged at the hunter. I was afraid that the water buffalo was going to charge our vehicle.
See also: charge
References in classic literature ?
I had no intention of fighting to-day, sir; I was charged, indeed, with a mission to the cardinal and had set out for Rueil, when, seeing Monsieur de Chatillon charge, an invincible desire possessed me to charge at his side.
But I hope," he said, "that all three don't charge at once.
While the price control on ATM fees (setting the transaction charge at a maximum of $0.
Of those institutions that levied a fee, the average charge at banks in 1993 was less than half of the charge for NSF checks, while it was about half of the NSF charge at savings associations.
Like poles on a magnet, the negative charge at the bottom of the thundercloud and the positive charge of the ground are attracted to each other.