charge against

charge (something) against (something)

To pay for something from a specific account or category of funds. When you're traveling, just charge everything against your company account. A: "Will I get reimbursed if I charge this plane ticket against my personal bank account?" B: "Just charge it against petty cash instead."
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charge something against something

to debit or assign the cost of something against something. Can I charge this item against the entertainment account? Don't even try to charge it against your business expenses.
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References in classic literature ?
Sabin said, sitting down in a high-backed wooden chair; "I decline to move until the charge against me is properly explained."
Sabin said, "without even a sight of your warrant or any intimation as to the charge against me?"
I partly surmise also, that this wicked charge against whalers may be likewise imputed to the existence on the coast of Greenland, in former times, of a Dutch village called Schmerenburgh or Smeerenberg, which latter name is the one used by the learned Fogo Von Slack, in his great work on Smells, a textbook on that subject.
what?" "They won't pass him?" "No guarantee?" "They won't let Flerov in?" "Eh, because of the charge against him?" "Why, at this rate, they won't admit anyone.
This money, however, he thought proper to deposit in my landlady's hand, possibly by way of bail or security that he would hereafter appear and answer to the charge against him; but whatever were the conditions, certain it is, that she had the money and the ensign his liberty.
'Now,' said Fang, 'what's the charge against this boy?
'A nice person to prefer a charge against a poor boy!' said Fang, with a comical effort to look humane.
It might not be much harm on parade, except to worry and fatigue them; but how would it be in a bayonet charge against the enemy, when they want the free use of every muscle, and all their strength thrown forward?
I will begin at the beginning, and ask what is the accusation which has given rise to the slander of me, and in fact has encouraged Meletus to proof this charge against me.
The sum of what has been here advanced and proved is, that the charge against the convention of exceeding their powers, except in one instance little urged by the objectors, has no foundation to support it; that if they had exceeded their powers, they were not only warranted, but required, as the confidential servants of their country, by the circumstances in which they were placed, to exercise the liberty which they assume; and that finally, if they had violated both their powers and their obligations, in proposing a Constitution, this ought nevertheless to be embraced, if it be calculated to accomplish the views and happiness of the people of America.
If they are not, with what propriety can the like power justify such a charge against the national government, or even be urged as an obstacle to its adoption?
Andrew felt, what I felt, that if these imputations were not withdrawn before his generous intentions toward his brother took effect, the mere fact of their execution would amount to a practical acknowledgment of the justice of Michael's charge against him.
What had seemed to her a joke the night before became to her eyes a serious charge against herself.
This was not the first time there was an issue with the charge against Lai as back in July, he was given a discharge not amounting to an acquittal due to documentation issues of the charge against him.
Gupta had earlier filed a conflict of interest charge against former cricketers Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman for their dual roles.