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1. verb To replenish a battery by connecting it to an electrical source. I have to charge my phone because the battery just died. When my car wouldn't start this morning, I had to call a service to help me charge the battery.
2. noun Control or authority over someone or something. To convey this meaning, the phrase "in charge" is typically used. With this promotion, you will be in charge of the entire department. You need to take charge of this situation before it gets out of control.
3. noun Strong feelings of excitement. I get such a charge from singing on stage that I doubt I'll be able to sleep tonight!
4. noun A drug-induced high. Be careful taking that stuff—I got too much of a charge from it last time.
5. noun A dose or portion of a drug. I just need a little charge—isn't there anything you can give me, man?
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*charge (of someone or something)

control of someone or something; the responsibility for caring for someone or something. (*Typically: take ~; have ~; give someone ~.) How long have you had charge of this office? He took charge of the entire company.

charge someone or something (with) something

to make someone or a group pay the cost of something. I will have to charge Bill with the cost of repairs. The manager will charge your account with about forty dollars.


(something) for someone to demand an amount of money to pay for someone's ticket, fare, admission, treatment, etc. Tickets are expensive. They charged sixty dollars for each seat. I didn't realize they charged for children.
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1. n. a dose or portion of a drug. (Drugs.) Just a little charge till I can get to my candy man.
2. n. a drug’s rush. (Drugs.) What kind of charge do you expect out of half-cashed weed?
3. n. a thrill. I got a tremendous charge out of your last letter.


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This will allow MacBooks to charge a variety of Apple devices simultaneously.
The dock supports the Apple Watch's Nightstand mode for enabling the alarm clock feature as it charges.
Band C: CouncilTax PS1139.76; water charge PS182.72; waste water charge PS212.16; total PS1534.64.
In the next one, Qualcomm will introduce a Triple Charge system to enable 32W fast charging while using a wired charger or 15W charging with a wireless charging pad.
Below is an unofficial and truncated reproduction of the money laundering charges against the former deputy prime minister and current Umno president.
All lockers under the KwikBoost Lock and Charge family can be customised with an organisation's branding and deployed in any location where a secure charging solution makes sense.
Another contributor to the lower overall rate was the P0.0861 per kwh decrease in transmission charge to residential customers due to lower power delivery and ancillary service charges of the National Grid Corp.
for significantly lower prices than at paid public quick-charging stations, is a precondition for the purchase of an electric car to be worth it."As long as you charge your electric car only at fast chargers, then the operation of an electric car, compared with a car with conventional combustion propulsion, is even more expensive," Peter Sevce, director of the Slovak Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA), told The Slovak Spectator.
The generation charge decreased from P4.9080 per kWh in November to P4.6045 per kWh this December, primarily due to the peso's appreciation and lower Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) charges.
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In general, the battery is initially charged with a constant current until the state of charge (SOC) reaches a certain value, after which it is charged with a constant voltage.
(Meralco) can expect their power bills to increase by 29 centavos per kilowatt-hour (kWh) this month due largely to a hike in the generation charge.
Since Qualcomm Technologies' launch of the Qualcomm[R] Snapdragon[TM] 820 processor, many of the latest flagship smartphones were equipped with the latest generation of Quick Charge, including the newly announced HTC 10.