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1. verb To replenish a battery by connecting it to an electrical source. I have to charge my phone because the battery just died. When my car wouldn't start this morning, I had to call a service to help me charge the battery.
2. noun Control or authority over someone or something. To convey this meaning, the phrase "in charge" is typically used. With this promotion, you will be in charge of the entire department. You need to take charge of this situation before it gets out of control.
3. noun Strong feelings of excitement. I get such a charge from singing on stage that I doubt I'll be able to sleep tonight!
4. noun A drug-induced high. Be careful taking that stuff—I got too much of a charge from it last time.
5. noun A dose or portion of a drug. I just need a little charge—isn't there anything you can give me, man?

*charge (of someone or something)

control of someone or something; the responsibility for caring for someone or something. (*Typically: take ~; have ~; give someone ~.) How long have you had charge of this office? He took charge of the entire company.

charge someone or something (with) something

to make someone or a group pay the cost of something. I will have to charge Bill with the cost of repairs. The manager will charge your account with about forty dollars.


(something) for someone to demand an amount of money to pay for someone's ticket, fare, admission, treatment, etc. Tickets are expensive. They charged sixty dollars for each seat. I didn't realize they charged for children.


1. n. a dose or portion of a drug. (Drugs.) Just a little charge till I can get to my candy man.
2. n. a drug’s rush. (Drugs.) What kind of charge do you expect out of half-cashed weed?
3. n. a thrill. I got a tremendous charge out of your last letter.


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In addition to providing the most consistent in-box and out-of-box charging experience, Quick Charge 4 comes with advanced safety features for both the adapter and mobile device.
This allows Salisbury to quickly adjust the chemistry and cost calculations if he needs to change a charge.
Their burst charges explode in turn as the fuse reaches them.
Mothballed equipment that is fired up briefly for routine maintenance, "will form exactly the same charge from a demand perspective than it did the month before even though (he) may have operated 100 percent of the time.
The surface charge measurement being used at the time was primarily surface charge or zeta potential.
The plates were strategically located so that an appropriate electric field accelerated the charges to the correct collection plates.
It may seem fanciful to suggest that criminal charges would be brought against a lawyer for nothing more than representing a client in court proceedings, and in fact that power is unlikely to be exercised routinely.
If there is probable cause to believe that one individual has committed numerous crimes, agencies can charge that individual, secure their arrest, and proceed with the prosecution on one crime, thereby allowing continued investigation of other separate offenses unhampered by Sixth Amendment protections.
Many funds also charge a yearly custodial fee to cover the administrative costs of handling an individual retirement account.
And the most bizarre charge of all, as Stewart's lawyer David Baugh points out, is the "jury lunch fec.
Prudent owners should re-visit their leases to determine if they have an appropriate legal fees and/or late charge clause.
The following three fee structures are reported for noninterest checking accounts: (1) a monthly fee when balances fall below a minimum, (2) a monthly fee and a per-check charge when balances fall below a minimum, and (3) a monthly fee and, in some versions, also a charge per check, regardless of the account balance (table 2).
25 per page for photocopies, the CPA's examination may question the reasonableness of that charge.