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The leading ways consumers discover TV shows are channel surfing (50%), on-screen program guides (47%), TV commercials (47%), word of mouth (34%) and network websites such as NBC or CBS (27%).
Getting to the genre based channel surfing option is a big pain.
There will probably be a bigger gap between the top 20 shows and the bottom 20 shows, the ones at the bottom of the list that rely on channel surfing," Poltrack says.
With the current series I didn't want people to get so caught up in the individual tapes; rather, I wanted to create an experience akin to channel surfing.
One possible solution is to have an advert or two, then a trailer for a new show, in the hope that the variety will stop viewers from channel surfing.
Oh, and the people who make batteries - because channel surfing on a Friday night in Ireland is now the new craze.
I try to relax, sip on some beer, watch a bit of television, but inevitably I'll find myself channel surfing to some news show in which inane people with vacuous smiles report yet another Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, or Ashcroft outrage.
Additional features include impulse pay-per-view and separation of the channel surfing and security function as recently mandated by the FCC.
So I was intrigued when my late-night channel surfing tuned into a scene of thousands of Arab men being herded into a stadium in Brooklyn for questioning.
Clearly aimed at a generation used to channel surfing, each of the 16 presentations can be accessed using a personal console, although if done properly this will take over an hour, which is a long time to remain cross-legged.
If you were channel surfing on November 17, 2000, you might have stumbled on a strange succession of images, edited at unfamiliar rhythms: the surface of the sun, the interior of the body, a man climbing a mountain to chop down a tree.
Barely making it back home to thaw out next to my fireplace, I tried channel surfing and got jammed on a morning show.
Channel surfing in Baltimore last month, I was bummed to find that every 6 o'clock news report gave its lead spot over to the opening of the city's new football arena.
Channel Surfing is a series of critical elucidations on some of today's most disquieting examples of popular culture, in particular as regards youth and race.
Channel surfing (the phrase coined to describe the primary activity of the typical male couch potato) has now been redefined.