channel off

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channel (something) off

1. To remove or redirect something, usually a liquid, through a channel. You move things to higher ground while I try to channel some of this water off.
2. To squander resources, such as money or time. Look, the company won't give us any more money for this initiative if those guys keep channeling it off.
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channel something off

1. Lit. to drain off water or some other liquid through a channel. The front yard is flooded, and we will have to channel the water off. Let's channel off the water before it gets too deep.
2. Fig. to drain off or waste energy, money, effort, etc. Unemployment channeled their resources off. The war channeled off most of the resources of the country.
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It was earlier identified as the Balintang Channel off northern Luzon.
It's the closest channel off the scrum," O'Connor said.
She has bested the English Channel, the Strait of Gibraltar, which separates Europe from Africa, the Catalina Channel off the coast of California, and the Molokai Channel in Hawaii.
80s 1981 More than 200 passengers were rescued from a jetfoil today after it was in collision with a Swedish-registered freighter in the English Channel off Calais.
Thousands poured into BRIGHTON, where temperatures reached 26C, and dogs chilled in the Channel off SOUTHSEA.
Herbie broadcast Chris's show on the distress channel off Orkney on Monday morning after sailing out to his bosses' salmon farm to check the cages.
Earlier this month the French government ordered Paris-based Eutelsat to take the channel off the air after receiving a complaint from the European Commission that it violated rules on incitement.
Earlier this month, the French government ordered Eutelsat, which broadcasts Al-Aqsa through an agreement with Bahrain-based Noorsat, to take the channel off the air after receiving a complaint from the European Commission that it violated rules on incitement.
Government forces maintained a heavy presence in the capital Bangkok on Saturday, and the authorities took an opposition television channel off the air a day after the protesters, known as "red shirts", stormed the station and forced the authorities to reverse an earlier decision to ban it.
Authorities had entered the station and seized equipment that took the channel off air, saying it was inciting violence.
State officials called for calm, took the controversial television channel off the air and promised to take legal action against Al Jouwaihal who was eventually arrested at Kuwait airport and reportedly handcuffed, a decision that prompted Al Kharafi to call for respecting people's dignity regardless of their status.
Getting a TV channel off the ground was no small feat for Luan, but noticing a real gap in the market really boosted her confidence.
Granddad-of-four Roy Barker, whose son Ian won silver for Britain at the 2000 Sydney Olympics in the 49-er Class, plunged into the Bristol Channel off Penarth at 7.
After leaving the Mersey, Planet's owners, Trinity House, repositioned her in the English Channel off Guernsey and she gained a helicopter deck.
Thousands of religious activists rallied to oppose government plans for a pounds 275 million shipping channel off India's south coast that would cut through reefs associated with the Hindu god Rama.