change (someone's) mind

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change (someone's) mind

To convince someone to think differently about something. You can try all you want, but you're not changing my mind about going to that party! I need to change my teacher's mind about me. I swear I'm not a slacker, but that's what she thinks!
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change someone's mind

to cause a person to think differently (about someone or something). Tom thought Mary was unkind, but an evening out with her changed his mind. I can change my mind if you convince me that you are right.
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change (one's) mind

To reverse a previously held opinion or an earlier decision.
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In the last chapter, the author sets out to answer "how should we argue?" by pondering the ethics of changing someone's mind and sounding an alarm; what should be the expectations of an audience and is there are "fair" way to frame an argument?
By speaking openly, we're challenging society's generalisations; yes I'm an atheist, yes I'm tall and bald and tattooed… but I'm also a professor, lecturer, a sportsman… And as a social scientist, I consider the Human Library to be one of the most dynamic of human interventions: you have a real chance of changing someone's mind in the space of just 30 minutes.
It will be hard changing someone's mind once they've announced their decision.
How to Change Minds: The Art of Influence Without Manipulation uses the author's successful sales background to play out a process for changing someone's mind, and applies this process to common business issues with decision-making.