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the change (of life)

Menopause. Some women have many difficulties during the change of life, both physical and emotional.
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change (of life)

menopause. The change of life affects each woman differently. Jill started the change when she was forty-seven.
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n. money. (see also and change.) It takes a lot of change to buy a car like that.
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The teaching assistants indicated that the changing group members had to communicate to adapt as they navigated through the change within the assignment.
Even the perceived frequency of changes can be detrimental to morale with tweaking of the compensation criteria interpreted as "changing the plan."
This book suggests ways to make time spent at work more productive and fulfilling, as an alternative to changing jobs.
New kinds of self-knowledge and societal knowledge are critical to understanding the contexts and themes of a changing society and of individuals in it.
Changing cavities and gate inserts (or a cavity-plate assembly) may be the preferred way to change part weight on a high-output molding system.
And I do firmly believe the process, the changing, is taking place.
To begin the real work of fundamentally changing who we are, what we do and how we do it?
The United States has adjusted to the changing state of global innovation and trade more successfully than most countries.
Those formulating policy during this turbulence will need to engage in an ongoing process of hypothesis-testing and self-correction, as rapidly changing conditions and unpredicted consequences lead to frequent midcourse corrections.
You're not changing the independent variable (light).
At this point, several options were considered: 1) maintain the 20/50 DOP/SOE ratio and increase the filler level to absorb more plasticizer, 2) reduce the ACN content below 35%, 3) introduce a more soluble epoxidized soybean oil, 4) reduce the SOE by altering 20/50 DOP/SOE ratio to 30/40 or more, or 5) changing plasticizer(s) to one(s) that might give better values at the 50/20 ratio and not alter our previous balance of properties.
2006-12 only applies to taxpayers changing to an accounting method provided under the Sec: 263(a) regulations; it does not apply to taxpayers changing their method using the economic performance 3 1/2-month rule or recurring-item exception.
The latter include the effects of vertical land movements as the earth recovers from glacial loading and also the response to changing ocean volume associated with glacial meltwater and ocean warming.
Evaluating how current health policies may be affected by a changing climate.
Unlike other organizations that tend to focus on developing resident-centered approaches or changing the physical environment, Windsor Place puts its emphasis on caring for staff and promoting leadership training at all levels of the organization.