changed your mind?

(have you) changed your mind?

Have you changed your original opinion, choice, or plan? Oh, I thought you were going to have oatmeal for breakfast. Changed your mind? A: "Wait, you're not taking the promotion? Changed your mind?" B: "Yeah, I just don't want to take on more stress with a minimal raise in pay." A: "Aren't you going to bed? Have you changed your mind?" B: "No, I just realized that I left my glass of water down here."
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(Have you) changed your mind?

 and You changed your mind?
Have you decided to alter your decision? Sally: As of last week, they said you are leaving. Changed your mind? Bill: No. I'm leaving for sure. Tom: Well, have you changed your mind? Sally: Absolutely not!
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Then suddenly turning to me, and fixing his shy, hazel eyes upon me with a steady penetrating gaze, he added, 'Then you have changed your mind?'