change (one's) tune

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change (one's) tune

To change one's attitude, opinion, manner, or stance on something, typically in a way that is more positive or agreeable. The mention of a hefty tip really changed the host's tune, so I think he'll be able to find us a table after all. After I threatened him with no allowance, my son changed his tune and started doing his chores.
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change someone's tune

to change the manner of a person, usually from bad to good, or from rude to pleasant. The teller was most unpleasant until she learned that I'm a bank director. Then she changed her tune. "I will help change your tune by fining you $150," said the judge to the rude defendant.
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change one's tune

Also, sing another or a different tune . Reverse one's views or behavior, switch sides, as in When she realized she was talking to the bank president, she quickly changed her tune, or I bet Dan will sing a different tune when he finds out what the salary is. A version of this term, sing another song, dates from about 1300, and it has been theorized that it alludes to itinerant minstrels who changed the words of their songs to please their current audience. The first locution was already in use by 1600. Also see dance to another tune.
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change your tune

COMMON If someone changes their tune, they express a different opinion about something from the one they had expressed before. Wait till they see you in action. They'll change their tune then. You've changed your tune. You were the one who wanted us to be a family act. Note: You can also talk about someone's change of tune. These comments mark a change of tune from the president.
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change your tune

express a very different opinion or behave in a very different way, usually in response to a change in circumstances.
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change your ˈtune

(informal) change your opinion about or your attitude to somebody/something: Tom used to say that parents worry too much about their children, but he soon changed his tune when he became a parent himself!
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change (one's) tune

To alter one's approach or attitude.
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change one's tune, to

To reverse one’s views, change one’s mind, switch sides in a controversy. The analogy is very old; John Gower wrote, ca. 1394, “Now schalt thou singe an other song,” and the actual phrase, “change your tune,” appears in a ballad about Robin Hood (one of the Child ballads) from about 1600. And a character in Samuel Beckett’s novel, The Unnameable (1953), says, “I have my faults, but changing my tune is not one of them.”
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Pag-asa in Kalayaan, Palawan and Zambales changed their tune and claimed that they were made to sign a blank document and did not have an idea that it would be used for a writ of kalikasan petition, affidavits seen by showed.
I got on the case and they quickly changed their tune and Laura took delivery of a new set within a week.
Researchers documenting the effects of noise from cars, boats and industrial machinery have discovered that some male birds, in the face of overwhelming noise pollution, have changed their tune in urban environments.
MY, how they've changed their tune. What Cameron and Clegg said in May 2010: "We have found that a combination of our parties' best ideas and attitudes has produced a programme for Government that is more radical and comprehensive than our individual manifestos."
But the band changed their tune when they beat U2 and Snow Patrol to the best album award.
Having originally said after her marriage to Rod Stewart collapsed that she neither wanted nor needed his money, she or her lawyers have changed their tune.
They changed their tune. The official directing Russia's Y2K efforts said they underestimated the problem and that "We're in a critical situation in several areas," including the Defense Ministry, which controls Russia's nuclear weapons.
Once respectable human rights organizations, led by Israeli-based B'Tselem, abandoned the party line, the major media, in particular the New York Times, slowly and grudgingly changed their tune.
But SCS changed their tune after I got in touch and agreed to replace the furniture.
But in a postal ballot more than 500 changed their tune - voting for him to continue as North Wiltshire MP.
But Santander changed their tune when I got on the case.
Now they have inherited a growing economy they've changed their tune."
But he reckons if anyone from the SFA had spent even a day with Dundee United they would have changed their tune.