change (someone's) mind

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change (someone's) mind

To convince someone to think differently about something. You can try all you want, but you're not changing my mind about going to that party! I need to change my teacher's mind about me. I swear I'm not a slacker, but that's what she thinks!
See also: change, mind

change someone's mind

to cause a person to think differently (about someone or something). Tom thought Mary was unkind, but an evening out with her changed his mind. I can change my mind if you convince me that you are right.
See also: change, mind

change (one's) mind

To reverse a previously held opinion or an earlier decision.
See also: change, mind
References in classic literature ?
When my uncles changed their minds in regard to colonizing their families at the mills, as they did in about a year, it became necessary for my father to look about for some new employment, and he naturally looked in the old direction.
Although makers of the show had previously confirmed its return in a sequel next year, they seem to have changed their minds now.
Nearly half changed their minds and acknowledged the necessity of treatment within 2 weeks of being hospitalized, reports Angela S.
The participants who changed their minds consisted of 14 of 34 anorexia patients and 6 of 12 bulimia patients.
He tried to make out nothing had happened and said they didn't have sex because they'd both changed their minds about cheating on me.
I find it particularly strange that Rangers gave us permission to play Vidmar, but 48 hours later we received a letter saying they had changed their minds with no explanation.
But he walked free from Paisley Sheriff Court yesterday after witnesses, who told police Athif was at the rammy, changed their minds.
But yesterday, the pair changed their minds, claiming they had made genuine mistakes.
Measurement: Quantify how many in-market consumers changed their minds about the products they purchased, as a result of CGM.
One day, United signs off on an item and two days later, they call and say they've changed their minds.