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the change (of life)

Menopause. Some women have many difficulties during the change of life, both physical and emotional.
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change (of life)

menopause. The change of life affects each woman differently. Jill started the change when she was forty-seven.
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n. money. (see also and change.) It takes a lot of change to buy a car like that.
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Petersburg, Fla., changed its name to First Community Insurance Co.
Similarly, the proportion of deliveries that were preterm declined between the first and second births (from 5% to 4%) among women whose infants had the same father, but it increased (from 6% to 8%) among those who changed partners.
Neither suddenly became evil after having been morally good or neutral for hundreds or thousands of years; what changed was the moral perspective the church used for interpreting the reality.
The estimated proportion of institutions offering this account has changed sharply from one year to the next, perhaps because of changes in the structure of fees that would cause the account to be reclassified.
In this case, you wanted to know how the flight path changed. This responding variable is called a dependent variable.
The characteristics did not change when the gum rubber was changed from HNBR to NBR with the same type of filler system.
Centris Insurance Co., Indianapolis, changed its name to HCC Insurance Co., effective Dec.
The birds' egg laying and hatching schedule hadn't changed dramatically, so the fledglings' caterpillar food source was disappearing just when the young birds needed it.
The British Admiralty accepted his findings and changed policy for the British Navy in 1795.
Under section 7.04(3)(b), the IRS may require the taxpayer to change or modify the new method of accounting "in the earliest open taxable year in which the applicable law has changed." Under Notice 98-31, a change in applicable law includes (i) the enactment of legislation; (ii) a decision of the United States Supreme Court; (iii) the issuance of temporary or final regulations; or (iv) the issuance of a revenue ruling, revenue procedure, notice, or other guidance published in the Internal Revenue Bulletin.
As a result, some of the rules applying to cafeteria plans needed to be changed to conform the accident and health insurance provisions to the new special enrollment rights provided under HIPAA.
Widely differing impact on net income - For five of the eight study companies, their net income under the IAS changed by more than 10 percent in at least one year.
Croesus might have changed his strategy had he learned that it was his empire that would be vanquished.
Their investigation discovered that, among the seventy-eight university libraries holding membership in the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) in 1972, half had changed directorships within the past three years and four of them had changed twice (McAnally & Downs, 1973, p.
But that doesn't mean that the basic plan has to be changed into scrap paper.