change with

change (something) with (someone)

To swap or exchange something with someone. I changed places with my aunt so that I could talk to the people at the other end of the table. I recently changed roles with Tina at the office, and it's actually working out really well.
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change something with someone

to trade or exchange something with someone. I changed coats with Fred and his is much warmer. Will you change seats with me?
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Environmental Protection Agency, to review current strategies for developing human health models and scenarios in the context of global environmental change, particularly global climate change, and to outline a research agenda that effectively characterizes the interplay of global change with the health of human populations.
If a loss corporation has a net unrealized built-in gain (NUBIG) (i.e., the gross FMV of its assets just before an ownership change exceeds such assets' aggregate tax basis), it may offset recognition of such gain during the 60-month period following the ownership change with pre-change losses, without limit by Sec.
Cultivate change with an ongoing renewal process that combats the formation of vested interests, and instead fosters the creation of an organizational climate wherein employees expect necessary change and embrace it.
If the taxpayer changed its method of accounting for the same item within the last four years, the taxpayer must include all applicable information regarding the earlier change with its application.(101) Similarly, if a prior application was withdrawn, not perfected, or denied during the previous four years (a reduction from six years), all applicable information, including an explanation, regarding the earlier application must be provided with the request.(102)
Staff communicated with one another in a formal way through various committees, but as the committee assignments changed, the staff members changed and the message communicated could change with the messenger.
Larkin created a powerful argument for change with their piece, "Have We Missed The Mark?" If all you read was that article (and you didn't get the chance to see T.J.'s superb presentation at the June IABC conference in Toronto), you would have taken their conclusions in World at face value and begun cancelling executive roadshows and stopped advising your executives to become more visible.
Thus the original difference between individuals who are psychiatrically disabled and individuals who ar physically disabled in percent change with respect to number of applicants - approximately 14% - increases to 17% with respect to number rehabilitated and increases again to 23% with respect to number competitively employed (Figure 9).
The baseline (no change with respect to 1977) is indicated by a solid line.
The perception of the casting designer and buyer about the casting as purchased will continue to undergo significant change with respect to casting attributes, including product value and development time.
The selection of the team members may change with the needs (Miller, 1997); members can move in and out as the team "subtly reconfigure(s)" (Bridges, 1996, p.
Ask yourself and those who are managing the change with you.
Many companies are operating successful programmes of change with clearly defined objectives.
Further, the filing of Form 3115, Application for Change in Accounting Method, to change a LIFO method is a prospective change with no Sec.
95-19 must follow the procedures and make the change for their first tax year beginning in 1995, but are given the option to make the change one year earlier and coordinate this change with their change to the final regulations for noninterest costs.
Deeming only A's option as exercised would result in an ownership change with A's interest increasing 52% (85% [110 (10 + 100) / 130 (30 + 100)] - 33% [10 / 30]].