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"Do young girls always change their minds?" asked George, with an embarrassed smile.
Once or twice lately they have had reason to change their minds. You know, I dare say, in what a terribly disturbed state European affairs are just now.
A lot of the new information I have has also been discovered by the general public many of whom want to change their minds.
Knowing how politicians can change their minds on promises and election pledges this does take some believing.
The deal was voted down with a huge majority but unlike the people's vote in the referendum, the MPs had a chance to change their minds and had a second vote where the same deal was voted down a second time.
This is why leaders do change their minds. In other words, 'Great leaders are willing to change their mind when confronted with new information', as Todd Henry would say.
"When I visited my grandmother in the hospital in a North Gyeongsang provincial town, an old woman in the same room turned off the television when the summit was on the air and said 'I don't want to watch this crap.' I think many old people, who are conservative in particular, will never change their minds about Kim," office worker Kim Han-baek, 29, said.
EUROPEAN Council president Donald Tusk yesterday made a plea for British voters to change their minds and stay in the European Union.
Will Tommy and Tina change their minds? Izzy's dad Owen seems to think so when he gives them an ultimatum.
I think in future it will be OK, they will change their minds."
I don't flatter myself that my letter did all that much to persuade the powers that be to change their minds, but I like to think that it helped - you know, the straw that broke the camel's back sort of thing?
But when people consistently have great difficulty making a decision--and change their minds at the slightest provocation--then there is usually need for better psychological understanding and personal improvement.
And more politicians might change their minds if pressure grows.
I know people change their minds and I know new research comes out all the time which may alter received wisdom.