change (someone's) mind

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change (someone's) mind

To convince someone to think differently about something. You can try all you want, but you're not changing my mind about going to that party! I need to change my teacher's mind about me. I swear I'm not a slacker, but that's what she thinks!
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change someone's mind

to cause a person to think differently (about someone or something). Tom thought Mary was unkind, but an evening out with her changed his mind. I can change my mind if you convince me that you are right.
See also: change, mind

change (one's) mind

To reverse a previously held opinion or an earlier decision.
See also: change, mind
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Although Benoist noted that Kara "will always choose to fight to change someone's mind or to make someone see the good in the world," bringing Reign to the good side might be impossible.
He summed up the limitations of factual argument in an October 2016 article in Harvard Business Review, "When Saying Something Nice Is the Only Way to Change Someone's Mind.
He added: "People my age don't really go for check-ups and if I could change someone's mind to go and do it, that will be good enough for me.
The book suggests that to change someone's mind, you need to tell a story .
You probably won't change someone's mind on the spot.
For more call 09050 700 436 09050 700 436 77p per minute Taurus April 21 - May 21 pril 21 - May 21 YOU may not be able to change may not be able to change someone's mind at work but you someone's mind at work but you can stick to what you believe in.
We absolutely believe people should be allowed to have personal opinions, but we also believe that we are allowed to disagree and to try and change someone's mind by expressing our own personal story," the Catlins further added in a statement.
In a world where digital apps are changing our lives, I see books as the physical equivalent: an analogue app -- simple, accessible to all and able to change someone's mind about the subject it tackles.
8220;Students can use Share to teach something, raise awareness, or change someone's mind by crafting an interactive story, animated process, or printed product like a poster, brochure, or comic.
We all know that if you want to change someone's mind it's a waste of time to offer logical arguments, facts, and figures.
Because we use moral reasoning to make sense of our intuitions, if you want to change someone's mind about a moral or political issue, you need to address a person's intuitions first (50).
You may not be able to change someone's mind but you can change your attitude towards them.
And it's such a personal thing that it's near-impossible to change someone's mind about an individual book or entire genre.
If you are hoping to change someone's mind, though, leave that until another day.