change of scene, a

a change of scene

A change in one's usual surroundings, perhaps precipitating a change in one's life. It is most often used when one is moving to a new place. The similar phrase "a change of scenery" is also common. I decided to move across the country for college because I really wanted a change of scene after growing up in this small town. Heather's looking for a new job because, after 10 years at that company, she needs a change of scene. I can't wait to go to the beach next week—I really need a change of scene!
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change of scene (or scenery)

a move to different surroundings.
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change of scene, a

New surroundings, referring to a trip or vacation, new employment, or similar event. The term comes from the theater, where changing the scenery has been important since Shakespeare’s time. The figurative use of “scene” dates at least from the seventeenth century. “Through all the changing scenes of life,” wrote Nicholas Brady and Nahum Tate in their New Versions of the Psalms (1696).
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