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Yes, it's true that if you try, you can change minds.
Reporter Charles Lewis quoted McQueen as saying that graphic photos are unlikely to change minds and that it is a mistake to use Holocaust imagery in pro-life demonstrations.
I write because there is a power in language that can change minds, start wars, assert authority and render tangible something as abstract as a thought."
"Football's about opinions and only results will change minds on that - we aim to start against Spurs.
An MUST spokesman said: "We don't recommend taking legal action against our club lightly but attempts to change minds about this have been brushed off.
Feminists for Life takes an educational approach and aims to change minds, not so much on the national political level, but in the halls of higher education.
Editorial writing should be forceful--with a clear purpose, and a clear message--and change minds. You can't do that by calling names a la Coulter, but you also can't do that by standing on the fence and navel-gazing like so many editorialists.
To change those red states to blue, then, progressives have to change minds by first reframing the debate.
From Lenny Bruce to Richard Pryor to Chris Rock, comedy has the ability to change minds in a way that nothing else can.
The Culture Committee is in a strong position to change minds - provided members can appreciate the exact parallel they have drawn.
Oftentimes, successful programs change minds by transforming people's attitudes--toward themselves, toward their fellow citizens, and toward their communities.
How do you change minds that are filled with this religious gobbledygook?
Social studies teachers say the goal of discussions is not to necessarily change minds, but to forge a deeper understanding of issues.