change (one's) mind

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change (one's) mind

1. To change one's original opinion, choice, or plan. Politicians get criticized for flip-flopping, but I think we should value the ability to change one's mind on an issue. I guess he changed his mind and decided to go to the beach instead.
2. To persuade or cause one to change one's original opinion, choice, or plan. I never liked mushrooms before, but you really changed my mind with this dish. He's set on buying that car. Don't bother trying to change his mind.
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change someone's mind

to cause a person to think differently (about someone or something). Tom thought Mary was unkind, but an evening out with her changed his mind. I can change my mind if you convince me that you are right.
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(I) changed my mind.

I have reversed my previous decision or statement. Tom: I thought you were going to Atlanta today. Bill: I changed my mind. I'm leaving tomorrow. Mary: I thought that this room was going to be done in red. Sue: I changed my mind.
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change one's mind

Alter one's views or intentions, as in I can always change my mind about going on this trip. [Early 1600s]
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change your ˈmind

change your decision or opinion: He was intending to go to the party but now he’s changed his mind and decided to stay in.
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change (one's) mind

To reverse a previously held opinion or an earlier decision.
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References in classic literature ?
"Tom did not change his mind until he heard Beecher's name mentioned.
I should not be surprised if he were to change his mind at last, and not go." She soon afterwards left the room.
'Suppose I did; mayn't a man change his mind on further acquaintance?'
Hamel should change his mind as to taking up his residence at the Tower, I think you would not find me in any sense of the word an obdurate or exacting guardian.
LAHORE -- Managing Director, Pakistan Cricket Board, Wasim Khan on Monday disclosed that pacer Muhammad Amir was set to retire from test cricket two year ago, but timely intervention of Pakistan Cricket team's coach, Mickey Arthur persuaded him to change his mind.
LAHORE -- Leading fast bowler Mohammad Amir was set to retire from Test cricket two years ago, but timely intervention from coach Mickey Arthur persuaded him to change his mind, a top official of the Pakistan Cricket Board said on Monday.
While talking to reporters at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Khan said that timely intervention from Pakistan cricket team's Head Coach Mickey Arthur persuaded Amir to change his mind.
The Balochistan chief minister said he expected the JUI-F chief to change his mind and also convince other opposition parties to reconsider as well.
But Malacanang said President Duterte could still change his mind on his earlier promise to resign should Paolo join the race.
But Presidential Spokesman Salva-dor Panelo said the President could still change his mind about his resignation offer depending on the circumstances, adding that whether Paolo will actually run for Speaker remains to be seen.
'We know that the slightest wind can make him change his mind again.
Snap (SNAP) CEO Evan Spiegel promoted the well-liked Kristen O'Hara to Chief Business Officer only to change his mind two days later, Sarah Frier of Bloomberg reports, citing people familiar with the matter.
Does God change His mind? Can our actions or prayers be a factor in what God will do?
According to him, if the former president backed President Buhari in 2015, he could also change his mind concerning Atiku, depending on the information at his disposal.
WASHINGTON, March 4 (KUNA) -- US President Donald Trump has fielded calls from world leaders on his decision to impose new trade tariffs on steel and aluminum but there is "no reason to believe he is going to change his mind," the US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross has said.