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the change (of life)

Menopause. Some women have many difficulties during the change of life, both physical and emotional.
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change (of life)

menopause. The change of life affects each woman differently. Jill started the change when she was forty-seven.
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n. money. (see also and change.) It takes a lot of change to buy a car like that.
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One to change it, and one to initiate a probe into the possible involvement of President Duterte in the old light bulb's 'death.'
When implementing changes in structure, system, or process; individual change has a mediating role because change starts with individual change, and unless the majority of individuals change their attitudes or behaviors, no organizational change occurs (Alas, 2007).
* A consolidated group member changing to or from a 52-53-week tax year is not eligible for automatic consent for such change, unless the requested year is identical to the consolidated group's tax year.
In April 2006, CMS released "Artifacts of Culture Change," a 70-page document that includes a scorecard covering 79 CMS-defined "artifacts." Labeled "Compliance and Culture Change in LTC," the scorecard is intended to help providers measure their success in implementing CMS's measurements defining culture change.
To create a context of contemporary change in the classroom, a written assignment was structured to mimic a characteristic of complexity theory.
According to Anne Hass in Configuration Management Principles and Practices, configuration "derives from the Latin com-, meaning 'with' or 'together,' and figurare, 'to form.'" Loosely interpreting that, she says, configuration means "to form from a relative arrangement of parts." Hass defines configuration management as the "unique identification, controlled storage, change control, and status reporting of selected intermediate work products, product components, and products during the life of a system."
I will review the important role that Earth Science plays in the climate change debate and suggest ways in which we should respond to the intense societal interest in the debate.
The successful implementation of change is facilitated when your organization's culture, systems, and structures support and reinforce the new vision, objectives, and behaviors.
Advocates are demanding changes to assure the same protections as afforded other citizens, while others believe they can reveerse social change by enshrining penalties and fostering stigma on the alternative families involved.
In this model, [B.sub.1] estimates the slope of the preintervention data, [B.sub.2] estimates the slope of the postintervention data, and [B.sub.3] estimates the change in level of outcome as the difference between the estimated first point postintervention and the extrapolated first point postintervention if the preintervention line was continued into the postintervention phase.
Under IAS 8, Accounting Policies and Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors (, a change in accounting policy should be applied retrospectively, and the cumulative effect of the adjustment should be reflected in the opening balance of equity for the period.
In Preparation, the person undertakes serious planning to engage in behavior change within a set period of time, say one month.
In addition to his bias for change, de Brabandere has one for speed, as well.
"Climate change could undo even the little progress most African countries have achieved so fat in terms of development," says Anthony Nyong, a professor of environmental science at the University of Jos in Nigeria.
Statement 154 requires retrospective application to prior periods' financial statements of a voluntary change in accounting principle unless it is impracticable.