chance (one's) arm

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chance (one's) arm

slang To do something risky in pursuit of a desired outcome. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I think he's chancing his arm by dumping his life savings into yet another bizarre money-making scheme.
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chance your arm

If you chance your arm, you do something risky or daring in order to get something you want. Sport is about going out and giving it your best shot, chancing your arm for glory. Instead of going on the dole I chanced my arm on a business.
See also: arm, chance

chance your arm (or luck)

undertake something although it may be dangerous or unsuccessful; take a risk. British informal
See also: arm, chance

ˌchance your ˈarm

(British English, informal) take a risk (especially when you are unlikely to succeed): He knew he wasn’t likely to win the contest, but decided to chance his arm anyway.
See also: arm, chance
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It's understandable one or two have been chancing their arm with bet365 on the latest round of friendlies.
AS football powerbroker Keith Harris reveals the inside story of Mike Ashley's attempts to sell Newcastle United, it confirms what many fans thought: there were a lot of people chancing their arm.
But I said last week that Catalan is a dangerous attacking team and I think they got to a point where they just thought they had nothing to lose by chancing their arm.
We can't quite crown Simpson a day in advance as there are several pundits chancing their arm with a bigpriced Cesarewitch selection - though Karl Hedley, of the East Belfast Herald, takes the biscuit by going for Coolmore pacemaker and 500-1 shot Set Sail in the Champion Stakes - but he's a strong favourite, that's for sure.
As a result some are chancing their arm with some pretty ludicrous prices considering there's now a lot more property on the market.
Investors are now pouring their savings into high street stores, offices, and sheds as well as chancing their arm with city or student tenants.
Fletch, though, knows they can't keep chancing their arm, especially with a derby against title rivals City looming next month.
It is four years to the day since Stuart Bolland became the first betting shop millionaire, and with a further pounds 439,249 already in the bonus fund, one of the biggest payouts in British betting history could be on the cards to anybody who manages to unravel the five races from Doncaster on the final day of the turf Flat season and Wincanton's Badger Ales Trophy that forms the Scoop6, before chancing their arm at the bonus race next Saturday.
They are chancing their arm at some fairly bullish prices, considering there is now a lot of property up for sale.
They are chancing their arm at some fairly bullish prices considering there is now a lot of property up for sale.
I've seen some pretty rumlooking bouncers at Wembley Arena down the years so the idea of anyone chancing their arm and dropping, say, a tack or, heaven forbid, a nail doesn't bear thinking about.
We have just learned that MPs' expenses have soared to an astounding pounds 81million, and in the Scottish Parliament we have even more chancing their arm.
05 (27th) SUPPORTINGany golfer with hard cash is obviously a gamble, but punters putting their faith in Harrington this week will be chancing their arm more than most.
I can see that they get a lot of people chancing their arm, but a lot of the wardens are little Hitlers.
PRE-SEASON favourites Partick have struggled to stamp themselves on this season's Scottish Second Division, but Ladbrokes are still chancing their arm by offering Thistle at 10-11 for the visit of Stirling today.