chance (one's) arm

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chance (one's) arm

slang To do something risky in pursuit of a desired outcome. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I think he's chancing his arm by dumping his life savings into yet another bizarre money-making scheme.
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chance your arm

If you chance your arm, you do something risky or daring in order to get something you want. Sport is about going out and giving it your best shot, chancing your arm for glory. Instead of going on the dole I chanced my arm on a business.
See also: arm, chance
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chance your arm (or luck)

undertake something although it may be dangerous or unsuccessful; take a risk. British informal
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ˌchance your ˈarm

(British English, informal) take a risk (especially when you are unlikely to succeed): He knew he wasn’t likely to win the contest, but decided to chance his arm anyway.
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Wagg was aggressive, chancing his arm to reach 50 from just 54 balls before falling for 62.
The former failed Riverside councillor who has stood for election in Canton, Riverside, Plasnewydd, Whitchurch and is now chancing his arm in my community (Paul Mitchell), criticises the executive council system that his Labour Party put in place.
The 31-year-old is deeply religious and fancies chancing his arm in the MLS because there are so many preachers Stateside.
New skipper James Grieves, 2005 vice-captain to Phil Morris who is chancing his arm in the Elite League with Belle Vue this year, insists he will be extremely disappointed if his side do not win some major silverware.
He was chancing his arm, though, when selecting Charles Kennedy as the other party leader he would have a civil partnership with.
Sturrock is now relishing the prospect of chancing his arm against the likes of Leeds, Wolves and the relegated Saints, but warned Owls supporters ( over 40,000 converged on Cardiff on Sunday ( that their side will not have it all their own way in the Championship.
Hegg produced a typical knock, successfully chancing his arm, as Lancashire reached the 197 they needed.
Many feel that John Lowe is chancing his arm when he objects to Air Trooper (Bill Wightman/Taffy Thomas) after they have beaten him and Confessor (Bill Watts) in the nine-furlong handicap at Ripon.
With 27 British war planes and the aircraft carrier Invincible now in action against Serbia, the Iraqi dictator is chancing his arm, believing the West cannot fight on two fronts at once.
Gifton Noel-Williams found Forest's on-loan goalkeeper Paul Gerrard in top form when chancing his arm from distance, while Kris Commons also went close with an audacious volley.
After chancing his arm from long range Massey found the target with a stinging low drive after 31 minutes and United held on to their lead without breaking sweat.
The X Factor ex-stripper was chancing his arm at a recent charity bash and putting the squeeze on pop singer Javine.