chance your arm

chance (one's) arm

slang To do something risky in pursuit of a desired outcome. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I think he's chancing his arm by dumping his life savings into yet another bizarre money-making scheme.
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chance your arm

If you chance your arm, you do something risky or daring in order to get something you want. Sport is about going out and giving it your best shot, chancing your arm for glory. Instead of going on the dole I chanced my arm on a business.
See also: arm, chance
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chance your arm (or luck)

undertake something although it may be dangerous or unsuccessful; take a risk. British informal
See also: arm, chance
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ˌchance your ˈarm

(British English, informal) take a risk (especially when you are unlikely to succeed): He knew he wasn’t likely to win the contest, but decided to chance his arm anyway.
See also: arm, chance
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It's a 14-plus event and if you don't want to chance your arm on the door, reserve them at or 02476 554473.
Deputy district judge Scanlon said: "Public or private organisations make profits which belong to them and not people like yourselves to dip into and chance your arm at.
a Of course many local acts are any playing, especially those in the hipster vibe - check out the full line-up at - and if you want to chance your arm and head down, any tickets that are left will be EUR150 at the gate.
chance your arm down, any tickets be b EUR150 at the ga Unfortunately, ac act a ivity means de dea d th for club th the th capital, sa sam s e wee par p ticula Howe do dow d n w Unfortunately, any festival activity means almost certain death for club nights around the capital, especially on the same weekend in particular.
They can be bought in advance online or you can chance your arm on the door.
After all, as a multi-talented sporting teenager, would you rather chance your arm at the likes of cricket or football or run headlong without any protection into some of the world's toughest men for a few hundred quid a week?
"You are a very lucky man, don't chance your arm again."
So it's one of those where you chance your arm and see."
If you want to chance your arm at a car auction, take an expert along or read up on what to look, and listen, for in the way of potential faults.
8.35: 6-4 Woodbrook Wine, 5-2 Allez Vieira, 7-2 Westmead Baron, 8 Sourcey Mare, Trade Contender, 20 Chance Your Arm
Elsewhere, you have to chance your arm. It was good to see illness-plagued Steve Elkington finishing under the card in Memphis on Sunday.
One number called Each To His Own included the words "Know your place, don't chance your arm."