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chance on (someone or something)

To find someone or something accidentally or without looking. Please don't be upset, we didn't mean to exclude you! When Chad and I went out, we just chanced on the rest of the group, that's all! Were you snooping in my room? How else would you just chance on my love letter?
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chance (up)on someone or something

to find someone or something by accident; to happen on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I chanced upon a nice little restaurant on my walk today. I chanced on an old friend of yours in town today.
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chance on

Also, chance upon. Happen upon, find or meet accidentally, as in In Paris we chanced on a wonderful little restaurant, or Andrew chanced upon his karate teacher in the health-food store. [Mid-1500s]
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chance on

or upon
To find or meet someone or something accidentally; happen upon someone or something: While in Atlanta we chanced on two old friends. I chanced upon my neighbor while I was shopping at the mall.
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This 'twelve-bar' graphic novel is a masterpiece narrative set in the 1920s in the south and focusing on the blues music world through the eyes of two traveling bluesmen who chance upon a blues joint with a possible record contract--until romance and murder interfere.
"Last season we used to create chance upon chance and were thinking that one day we were going to give a team a bit of a 'doing'.
Walking in the castle's rose garden, I chance upon a fair maiden who turns out to be Aleksandra Glinska, a Warwick Castle ticket saleswoman.
SIR - What sheer delight it was to chance upon the Aberaeron Festival of Welsh Ponies and Cobs while touring through Mid Wales on Sunday, August 13.
As well as all the usual guff about the sports on offer, there's an excellent guide to Syndey itself and chance upon chance to spend your money on Olympic memorablia.
On their homeward voyage the mariners chance upon the island Venus has created for them, and the nymphs reward them for their labors.