chance (one's) arm

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chance (one's) arm

slang To do something risky in pursuit of a desired outcome. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I think he's chancing his arm by dumping his life savings into yet another bizarre money-making scheme.
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chance your arm

If you chance your arm, you do something risky or daring in order to get something you want. Sport is about going out and giving it your best shot, chancing your arm for glory. Instead of going on the dole I chanced my arm on a business.
See also: arm, chance
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chance your arm (or luck)

undertake something although it may be dangerous or unsuccessful; take a risk. British informal
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ˌchance your ˈarm

(British English, informal) take a risk (especially when you are unlikely to succeed): He knew he wasn’t likely to win the contest, but decided to chance his arm anyway.
See also: arm, chance
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"I will never cut their arms off for wanting to play, but there is a balance and there are fine margins at this level, where we maybe didn't have the ball for a couple of sets and we still wanted to chance our arm - after doing the hard work and getting back in the arm-wrestle.
The idea was hatched by Lee's son, Channel 4 Racing betting reporter Tom, who explained: "It came about in the summer of 2003 when we decided to chance our arm with offering the spaces to rent, and consequently had great fun doing the rounds selling slots to various equine suppliers, lettings agents, hotels, pubs, restaurants and so on.
We thought we might chance our arm and try to get into the castle, believing that the price for the Cheese Festival possibly included a visit to the castle itself.
We will look to chance our arm a bit once the ball gets to No.10."
Now there are signs in the Republic that "the French got away with it, the Brits got away with it - now we'll chance our arm".
When one views the outcome of many of these huge benefit fraud cases it makes you wonder if there is a deterrent and we should we all chance our arm having a go.
This is the time to chance our arm and throw the ball around.