chance (one's) arm

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chance (one's) arm

slang To do something risky in pursuit of a desired outcome. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I think he's chancing his arm by dumping his life savings into yet another bizarre money-making scheme.
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chance your arm

If you chance your arm, you do something risky or daring in order to get something you want. Sport is about going out and giving it your best shot, chancing your arm for glory. Instead of going on the dole I chanced my arm on a business.
See also: arm, chance
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chance your arm (or luck)

undertake something although it may be dangerous or unsuccessful; take a risk. British informal
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ˌchance your ˈarm

(British English, informal) take a risk (especially when you are unlikely to succeed): He knew he wasn’t likely to win the contest, but decided to chance his arm anyway.
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After the interval, Ronaldo opted to move away from Van Dijk and chance his arm against the rest of the Dutch backline, breaking through at one point to eventually help Portugal win a corner.
The former Reds Academy coach had only left Liverpool in January to chance his arm at management.
Bailey decided to chance his arm in the Portland first, but nothing really panned out in his favour as Go Far, who likes to come from behind, could not find room at the crucial point of the race.
PARKINSON: MASTERCLASS (8pm Sky Arts 1) WITH Michael McIntyre the latest comedian to chance his arm as a chat show host and Joanna Lumley piloting her own new talk series later this week, Michael Parkinson proves there's still a place for old fashioned chat shows.
After keeping goal for United in the 1976 League Cup final at Wembley, Mahoney went off to chance his arm in America as other Mags such as Paul Cannell and Rocky Hudson did.
"But what he has done is chance his arm to see whether he could get away with it.
But Holloway intends to chance his arm and see if an exception can be made to add Paul Rachubka, who was left out of the 25-man squad after an injury in pre-season.
A fine second to this season's Temple Stakes winner Fleeting Spirit at Nottingham in June tempted her trainer to chance his arm in the Albany Stakes at Royal Ascot, where she finished eighth to Nijoom Dubai, but it was only at the eighth attempt that she got off the mark.
GRAHAM Cox flies to South Africa next month to chance his arm on the Sunshine Circuit.
Given how Steven (and Lucy, for that matter) turned out, it's no surprise Ian wouldn't want to chance his arm again.
Why would she succumb to the "charms" of a man who seems to chance his arm with anything with a pulse?
Wagg was prepared to chance his arm and was twice dropped before he was eventually dismissed by Barnt Green skipper Lyndon Jones, who enticed him to play a mistimed skier into the safe hands of Illingworth at mid-on.
Mukhadram will once again chance his arm at Group One level on his next start, but whether that is in the International or in October's Champion Stakes at Ascot has not yet been decided.
McClaren should chance his arm with youngsters like Theo Walcott and Gaby Agbonlahor.