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aesthetically challenged

Distinctly unattractive or unpleasant to the eye; ugly. (Pseudo-politically correct slang used for humorous effect.) Deborah's new boyfriend is a bit aesthetically challenged, but she loves him and I guess that's all that counts.
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challenge (someone) to (something)

To dare or provoke one to participate in something, such as a competition. I ushered Bob out the door as soon as that obnoxious guy challenged him to a fight. Jenna is really good at basketball, so don't challenge her to a game unless you're OK with losing!
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ethically challenged

Dishonest, corrupt, or otherwise unethical in behavior. Though many suspected the governor of being ethically challenged, it wasn't until evidence of a bribery scheme emerged that any legal action was taken against him.
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gravitationally challenged

1. Fat, bulky, or very heavy. (Pseudo-politically correct slang used for humorous effect.) I don't think Mike is obese—he's just a bit gravitationally challenged.
2. Prone to or characterized by clumsiness or a lack of balance. I've been bumping into people at work all day long—I must be a bit gravitationally challenged today or something.
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horizontally challenged

Fat or obese. (Pseudo-politically correct slang used for humorous effect.) I became a little horizontally challenged after my accident, since I had to be in a wheelchair for nearly a year.
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hygienically challenged

Not clean; dirty. (Pseudo-politically correct slang used for humorous effect.) Don't get too close to that fellow over there, he's a bit, uh, hygienically challenged.
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parentally challenged

Born to unwed parents. (Pseudo-politically correct slang used for humorous effect.) A: "Is it true that Sean is parentally challenged?" B: "No, I'm pretty sure his parents were married before he was born."
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vertically challenged

Short; not tall in stature. (Pseudo-politically correct slang used for humorous effect.) Whenever anyone teases me about my height, I just tell them that I'm vertically challenged! Yeah, my boyfriend is a little vertically challenged, but he's the most loving man I've ever known.
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hygienically challenged

Euph. [of a person] dirty. (Jocular.) Bill always smells terrible. He must be hygienically challenged. A couple of the kids in my class are, let us say, hygienically challenged.
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Meanwhile, a shivering Siddharth Malhotra challenged Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor and his Ek Villain director Mohit Suri to take up the challenge.
In commenting on the book's merits, the student is challenged to evaluate the book's contributions vis-a-vis other literature in the field.
One to 3 days later, baseline [R.sub.L] was measured, and then the sheep were challenged with antigen.
Likewise, school counselors have been challenged for rarely conducting systematic evaluation of counseling practices or integrating research findings into their practice (Hayes et al., 1997).
Challenged by a member of the Madawaska, Maine, School Committee (1997) because of the book's language.
Another, but less vocal method, is to firmly place it on the bar, table, or floor (this should produce an audible noise that can be easily heard by those being challenged, but try not to leave a permanent imprint).
We have challenged our staff to celebrate their own uniqueness, and to role model that satisfaction.
United States, (12) Fred Korematsu challenged an exclusion order, promulgated pursuant to an Executive Order, (13) which directed that after May 9, 1942, all persons of Japanese ancestry were to be excluded from certain military areas on the West Coast of the United States for security reasons.
She believes the industry is being challenged by technology and the internet in terms of costs, adapting to new ways of delivering services and keeping up with demand for instant information.
In order to achieve equilibrium, persons are challenged to make necessary adaptations.
Bracy's study is important because it demonstrated that inclusion of the Library Bill of Rights in actual materials selection policies had value in the retention of challenged materials.
Gift-leaseback and sale-leaseback transactions may not always be characterized as sham transactions but almost always will be challenged by the IRS.
Kraft General Foods Kraft challenged an Iowa statute that required inclusion of dividends from foreign subsidiaries, but not domestic subsidiaries, in the corporate tax base.
All of the team members have been challenged to "put on their best [professional] face," and many of the packages are impressive and imaginative.
- In Argentina, students and developers are being challenged to the Future of Mobility challenge.