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challenge the status quo

To behave or do something in a way contrary to that which is generally accepted or expected. I love this filmmaker, his movies really challenge the status quo! It can be risky, but challenging the status quo can be a great way to get ahead in business.
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challenge (one) on (something)

To question one, perhaps aggressively, on a particular issue, statement, or viewpoint. I had to challenge him on that remark about sales because the budget report did not support it at all. That is a positively absurd statement, and I'm glad someone challenged her on it. Challenging someone on their political beliefs the first time you meet them is usually not the best idea.
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challenge (someone) to (something)

To dare or provoke one to participate in something, such as a competition. I ushered Bob out the door as soon as that obnoxious guy challenged him to a fight. Jenna is really good at basketball, so don't challenge her to a game unless you're OK with losing!
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rise to the challenge

To discover or utilize the strength, determination, or skill necessary to accomplish some difficult task successfully. I know that you're nervous about taking on such a senior role in the company, but I'm totally confident that you'll rise to the challenge. The odds were against them, but the home team rose to the challenge and managed to win the championship.
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take up the challenge

To accept or attempt some particular test, fight, contest, etc., or answer an invitation or call to such. I knew it was going to be really hard doing a master's degree while working full time, but I was ready to take up the challenge. We need someone to manage our entire Pacific Northwest operation. What do you think—are you willing to take up the challenge?
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challenge someone on something

to dispute someone's statement, remarks, or position. I think Fred is wrong, but I won't challenge him on his estimate.
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challenge someone to something

to dare someone to do something; to invite someone to compete at something. I challenge you to a round of golf. Jerry challenged us to a debate of the issues.
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rise to the challenge

Fig. to accept a challenge. (Usually in reference to success with the challenge.) You can depend on Kelly to rise to the challenge. We were not able to rise to the challenge and we lost the contract.
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take up the challenge

to respond to a challenge and do what the challenge asks. I am not prepared to take the challenge up. Dave took up the challenge without much urging.
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rise to the ocˈcasion/ˈchallenge

do something successfully in a difficult situation, emergency, etc: When the lead singer became ill, Cathy had to take her place. Everyone thought she rose to the occasion magnificently.This company must be prepared to rise to the challenge of a rapidly changing market.
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5 times during investigated (1990-2008) period in Lithuania and almost converged to the level of EU-15 countries and new more challengeable targets for eco-efficiency growth are necessary.
Defective Specifications Challengeable at Any Time: Myth or Fact?
All other things being equal, evidence of the trustworthiness of his parents is not challengeable in democratic deliberation and his anti-homosexual beliefs are not easily revisable by the presentation of counter arguments.
Cost barriers to entry were therefore substantial given the nature of the retail and wholesale grocery market dominance, so this precondition to contestability was highly challengeable.
Within these challengeable factors, we managed to successfully keep balance between facilitating procedures from one hand, and from the other hand, ensure legitimate movement of shipments whether incoming to the local market or transit via Dubai by enabling the policy of compliance and facilitation.
Chainrai has legally challenged Gaydamak over the acquisition of the land and even attempted to repossess it claiming the way the club was divided up under Gaydamak was challengeable.
The union put itself on notice that it were entering into an agreement which was certainly challengeable and, more relevantly, was unenforceable in the face of equality legislation.
The amended bill, if passed, will empower the government to detain suspects charged with terrorism to be kept in preventive detention for 90 days and this detention will not be challengeable in any court; anyone possessing an explosive substance could be arrested; illegal FM stations being used for hatemongering would be seized; members of banned terrorist outfits would not be allowed to carry on their activities under some other banner, and not be able to obtain passports or travel abroad; arms licences that had been issued to terror groups would be cancelled; bail would be denied to terror suspects, among other things.
6) The Court concluded that when "a defendant is tried before a qualified jury composed of individuals not challengeable for cause, the loss of a peremptory challenge due to a state court's good-faith error is not a matter of federal constitutional concern.
KEITH Rothwell (Mailbag, January 29) is quite correct to draw attention to the dubious behaviour of our politicians who have almost to a man and woman unquestioningly adopted the challengeable science associated with the global warming issue.
Because they are not natural, they are both challengeable and changeable (Cammarota and Fine, 2008).
Malakand division will be governed by the government of Pakistan under the constitution of the country, but the decision of Islamic courts will be final and not challengeable in any other court.
This means that the failure to provide respite is potentially challengeable.
Irregardless of the various procedures due to be taken by the ruling party to cover the potential electoral violations, the results of its procedures will be easily challengeable since they are based on individual and moody decisions in which the opposition was not involved.
David Bull, the council's assistant director of development strategy, described the Nathaniel Lichfield study as a challengeable piece of work based on figures produced by the National Housing and Planning Advisory Unit which "lacked evidence".