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Over time, other outdoor advertising media like Cloth Banners, Flex-Billboards, Hoardings, and Digital Screens tried to snatch the market share from Wall Chalking. However, all of them combined were unable to put even a small dent until the government and the civil society came to their rescue.
When one sectarian group see the wall chalking of rival group on the city wall it feel obligated to write wall chalking of their own sect to as counter attack, as the hate-graffiti spreads like jungle fire.
Through notices these persons have been asked to voluntarily remove the identified wall chalking, posters and banners within 24-hours and restore the wall in their actual shape.
Earlier, the police had removed the pro-Daish chalking from two public spots Chungi No 8 Daska Circular Road and Sohawa-Daska.
According to a statement issued here the need to remove wall chalking had been inpressed upon all political and religious parties who were however also requested to themselves arrange for removal of such chalking from city walls and in future refrain from doing so.
The wall chalking was registered not only to be giving an ugly look but also noticed to be often quite provocative causing restlessness among different sections of the people.
"I am wandering here since the last two hours to locate whereabouts of street No 62 but I have failed in all my attempts to find it because the boards which provide guidance to the streets and lanes are filled with posters, said Abdul Aziz, a citizen who have come from some other city to meet his relatives but wall chalking has put stumbling block on his way to find the real street.
Details said, District Commissioner, DCO, all Tehsil Municipal Officers and District Police Officer have been sent a letter in this regard to take measures to prevent the wall chalking during Moharram.
The wall chalking is being done by certain political and religious parties, besides different social organizations for the publicity of their slogans, different campaigns, events, etc.
Special teams under the supervision of Superintendent encroachment Pervaiz Mughal and other officals have removed wall chalking from several areas.
QUETTA, November 06, 2011 (Frontier Star): Quetta Metropolitan Administration has decided to take action against wall chalking and has directed all provincial and federal departments to strictly implement the wall chalking ordinance.
The practice of wall chalking should be avoided as it gives an ugly look to the city streets, he said and warned that now cases would also be registered against the violators of wall-chalking ban.
Islamabad, July 06, 2011 (Frontier Star): On the direction of Chairman, Capital Development Authority (CDA), Imtiaz Inayat Elahi, the Directorate of Sanitation has taken measures for the cleanliness of roads and markets in the Federal Capital, especially against the wall chalking. He has recently directed the concerned departments of CDA to take strict action against the people involved in wall chalking and posters pasting on wall because such attempts damage the beauty of the city.
The practice of wall chalking should be avoided as it gives an ugly look to the city streets, he said and warned that now no one would be spared and cases would be registered against the violators of wall-chalking ban.
ISLAMABAD, February 28, 2012 (Balochistan Times): The wall chalking and graffiti on different places particularly at bus stops and buildings damaging the beauty of federal capital due to lukewarm attitude of the authorities concerned.