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Session 7 on "New performance polypropylene," will be chaired by Donna Davis of ExxonMobil Chemical.
Session 8 on "Durable applications of polyolefins," will be chaired by Tom Walsh of Walsh Consulting and White Jee of Ineos.
In reaction to President Bush's creation of a bipartisan panel to advise Treasury on options to reform the Code fundamentally to make it simpler, fairer and pro-growth, the TEC has formed a Fundamental Tax Reform Task Force (chaired by Pam Pecarich) to prepare a legislative study similar to the Social Security study.
Session 3c on "Cost reduction by processing," will be chaired by A.
In support of the many state societies that oppose such a tax, the State and Local Taxation TRP (chaired by Dan Peterson) developed a position paper.
On March 25, 2003, the TEC (chaired by Bob Zarzar), submitted a letter to the House Ways and Means Committee in response to its March 12, 2003 request for comments on taxpayer rights proposals.
Although the comments (prepared by the Tax Accounting TRP'S Capitalization Task Force, chaired by Bob Kilinskis) generally supported the overall proposed rules' simplification efforts, the AICPA expressed concern about how the proposed rules will distinguish deductible/amortizable investigatory costs and capitalizable transaction costs.
911).The comments, prepared by the International Taxation TRP (chaired by Andy Mattson), opposed the proposal to repeal this provision as part of the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003.
The TEC, through the IRS Practice and Procedures Committee (chaired by Jim Dougherty), continues to monitor and comment on the IRS K-1 matching program.
The comments, prepared by the Corporate Tax Shelter Task Force and reviewed by the Tax Shelter Regulations Task Force (chaired by Debbie Pflieger), noted that HR 5095's approach would affect all tax returns filed, because it would elevate the reporting standard for taxpayers on all return items to the "more likely than not" standard.
The comments, prepared by the International Tax TRP (chaired by Andy Mattson), generally supported many of the provisions, some of which would simplify the taxation of U.S.
During his twenty-five-year tenure at Kennesaw State University in suburban Atlanta, Gibson chaired the Department of Music and Performing Arts.
She chaired the committee that developed the Studio Fellowship Award Program for young teachers and participated in naming her teacher Anna McGrosso as the third MTNA FOUNDATION Fellow.