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chain smoke

To smoke cigarettes continuously, such that one begins a new cigarette as (or almost as) soon as the last one is extinguished. My grandmother died of emphysema after chain smoking for most of her adult life.
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in. to smoke cigarette after cigarette. (As if each cigarette were a link in a chain.) I never wanted to chain-smoke, but I got addicted.
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I had met the chain-smoking statesman years before in Europe when I was a young economist at the United Nations.
The difference between chain-smoking cigarettes and moderate pipe smoking is the difference between drinking a case of beer every day and having a glass of wine with lunch or dinner.
Clark believes tenants will be reasonable in the face of the impractical, but conceded that all people are not reasonable, including cigar chomping, pipe enjoying, chain-smoking company owners.
When ministers and councillors speak about 'rights',' they should remember that other people have the right to be free from intolerance of some smokers who not content with intervals, keep on chain-smoking all through a performance or film.
At the age of nine, I sounded like a whiskey-drinking, chain-smoking fool.
The source also said that Jones has been chain-smoking up to two packets of cigarettes daily and has been suggested intense therapy sessions.
His mother said: "Aye, he's a big lad for his age but I wish he'd stop the chain-smoking, he's only 14."
ACTRESS Sheila Reid, who plays perma-tanned, chain-smoking Madge Barron in Benidorm, chatting on her mobile on a replacement bus from Waterloo to Liverpool city centre.
And it's not a photo that will impress Kate's boyfriend Jamie Hince - it was Jamie who compared his lovely girlfriend to Kathy Burke's foul-mouthed chain-smoking slob in the first place.
Morgan Spurlock has nothing on German thesp Christian Berkel, who watched his health go up in smoke--literally--while shooting a drama about chain-smoking former West German chancellor Helmut Schmidt.
CHAIN-SMOKING gaffer Cesar Luis Menotti is still going strong at 68 and last week took charge at Mexican side Tecos UAG.
Instead of a date with a well-groomed, nonsmoking, professional man of rugby build with his own home, as requested, she had dinner with a chain-smoking lorry driver.
Characters like Joanna Lumley's chain-smoking Patsy Stone in Absolutely Fabulous would no longer be able to light up under legislation prohibiting smoking in all enclosed public places from next summer.
After reading Alison Stokes referring to Charlotte Church as a 'foul-mouthed, boozy, chain-smoking teenager', I was disgusted to see further down the review that she described her as a typical Cardiff teenager!
The 31 year-old quickly gained a reputation as a foul-mouthed, chain-smoking dole scrounger, but now she wants to prove she can be hard-working.