chain to

chain (someone or something) to (something)

To fasten or anchor something in place with chains. While this phrase is used literally in reference to objects, it can also be humorously or hyperbolically applied to people. Chain your bike to the rack so that no one steals it while you're shopping. I'm going to chain you to your desk if you don't sit down and work on your book report!
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chain something to something

to connect things together with chains. We chained all the bicycles to one another so no one could steal them. We will have to chain the lawn furniture to a tree if we leave it out while we are on vacation.
See also: chain
References in classic literature ?
As he talked Carthoris had been working at the lock which held my fetters, and now, with an exclamation of pleasure, he dropped the end of the chain to the floor, and I stood up once more, freed from the galling irons I had chafed in for almost a year.
And Ripple, safe again beneath her snow flake, gladly gave the chain to them; and told them how the pearls they now placed proudly on their breasts were formed of tears, which but for them might still be flowing.
We have better visibility of what's in transit, better systems within our distribution centers, and better reliability on the part of the carriers, all of which enable the entire supply chain to become more efficient," says Chas Scheiderer, Senior Vice President of Logistics for Best Buy.
This is due to the fact that in order to break one link (backbone bond) of a network chain sufficient energy must be supplied to extend the entire chain to the breaking point.
Optiant's solutions optimally balance resources, total costs, and customer service across the supply chain to deliver greater profitability, increased customer satisfaction, more efficient use of capital, and a resilient supply chain that fully handles uncertainty in supply and demand.
For example, we are starting up an operation in China, and I went over there to see about setting up the supply chain to provide the kind of services that w ill be expected there.
ON Semiconductor, a leading semiconductor manufacturer, re-engineered its supply chain to help overcome the challenges of short product lifecycles and disaggregated supply chain processes while maintaining high levels of quality and reliability for its customer base.
With an EDW, users can readily assess the demand and supply chain to rapidly problem-solve with the most current and accurate information, then make decisions and act with precision.
com/reports/c37043) has announced the addition of The Relationship-Driven Supply Chain to their offering.
The first and only complete solution for global sourcing, product lifecycle management, and unified order management, TradeStone's intuitive, "No Training" technology helps people throughout the supply chain to collaborate globally, enabling users to focus on speeding innovative products to market.
With hard-hitting analysis, viewpoints and unbiased case studies, Supply & Demand Chain Executive will uncover each aspect of the new supply and demand chain to keep readers on the leading edge, the frontline and the profit zone.
Savvy market leaders consider the supply chain to be their company's lifeline--and its best means for driving competitiveness and growth.
This should translate into greater value to the customer; it is effectively competing supply chain to supply chain.
At a recent Optum-sponsored supply chain executive conference, Kevin O'Marah, vice president of AMR Research, led a roundtable discussion on the evolution of the supply chain from a "push" to a "pull" model and the steps needed to transform a supply chain to meet the needs of demand-driven business.