chain to

chain (someone or something) to (something)

To fasten or anchor something in place with chains. While this phrase is used literally in reference to objects, it can also be humorously or hyperbolically applied to people. Chain your bike to the rack so that no one steals it while you're shopping. I'm going to chain you to your desk if you don't sit down and work on your book report!
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chain something to something

to connect things together with chains. We chained all the bicycles to one another so no one could steal them. We will have to chain the lawn furniture to a tree if we leave it out while we are on vacation.
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It was a part of the great system of granite mountains which forms one of the most important and striking features of North America, stretching parallel to the coast of the Pacific from the Isthmus of Panama almost to the Arctic Ocean; and presenting a corresponding chain to that of the Andes in the southern hemisphere.
As he talked Carthoris had been working at the lock which held my fetters, and now, with an exclamation of pleasure, he dropped the end of the chain to the floor, and I stood up once more, freed from the galling irons I had chafed in for almost a year.
At the next halt Hooja the Sly One managed to find enough slack chain to permit him to worm himself back quite close to Dian.
- match the components of a supply chain to organisational functions of each
Automotive chain sprockets are in fact a wheel type on which radial projections allow a chain to pass over them.
This revolutionary combination of strength and corrosion resistances allows for Super Stainless chain to fit perfectly into applications where chains are exposed to Parasitic Acids, tap water, salt water, low-dosage caustics and operating temperatures ranging from -40F to 750 F.
It is normal for a new chain to stretch a bit, and if you try to muscle a dull chain through a log, it will stretch even more.
National value chain must survive and develop under the protection of trade policy, and evolve gradually into global value chain with international competitiveness through the guidance of corresponding policies, replace international high value-added links partially or totally through the improvement of its own technology and management level, realize the extension of own industry value chain to high-end.
Ring Coined connection links allow the chain to be specified up to its full kW rating; unlike the typical standard slip-fit connecting links used by competitors which are usually much weaker than the base chain.
The connecting link joining the 3/8-in extended chain to the original 3/8-in chain will add the correct amount of slack to the safety chain without its being too long or too short.
Advances in the cold chain to improve food safety, food quality and the food supply chain 19.
Remember: within this formula, always round up all decimals or fractions to the next higher, even, whole number of chains, and add one additional chain to restrain the forks and the boom to the trailer.
In a country where the capacity to consume varies drastically from one class to the next, retail experts predict that it will be hard for a supermarket chain to make much of such low incomes.
* Manage end-to-end capacities and available assets across the end-to-end chain to best support warfighter requirements
Building owners typically outsource the first and third links in the security chain to professionals, but generally perform in-house the most critical link--ongoing system management--leaving themselves vulnerable to the risk of the ever-widening gap between the technology they bought and the functionality they sought to achieve.