chain down

chain (something) down

To fasten or anchor something in place with chains. Chain your bike down so that no one steals it while you're shopping.
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chain someone or something down

to fasten someone or something down with chains. They chained down the the bicycle rack so no one could steal it. We chained the tool-shed down so a strong wind would not blow it over.
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EXTINCTION Rebellion protesters formed a human chain down Gosforth High Street yesterday morning.
My 19-year-old son and my 22-year-old daughter who aren't allowed tattoos, think I've completely lost the plot!" Councillor Lowe took his mayor's chain down to the studio, where he sat for half an hour as his ink was applied.
Other fatal ailments like heart and kidney failures, hepatitis and the like--which all involve life-long expensive treatment--are also largely attributed to food adulteration and chemical contamination along the food chain down the farm level in many cases.
The supermarket was down 3.5%, the D&Y store chain down 2.8% and the mobile operator down 2.3%.Auto Trader was off 1.6% despite saying it is confident of meeting its growth expectations in its recently started financial year after reporting double-digit growth in annual profit.
In turn, subject to meeting certain criteria, trade participants will be able to use the "diamonds from DTC" provenance claim across the value chain down to the consumer level, and will be able to provide assurance on its validity through certifying the claim under the Responsible Jewellery Council standards, or through an independent third-party audit.
Here are the reasons why you should be heading to your local bakeshop instead of the large bakery chain down the street the next time you crave for some delicious pastries.
Twenty-two men - from the very top of the chain down to couriers, and those buying drugs wholesale to sell on in other areas of the north - are now behind bars for the roles they played in the distribution and supply of heroin, cocaine and cannabis.
PCI's clinical services include drug development and manufacturing, packaging and labeling, storage and logistical services, including support for Cold Chain and Ultra Cold Chain down to -196[degrees]C.
Cruelties of Israel in Palestine and those of India in the Indian Occupied Kashmir were never treated as terror activities and nothing was done to chain down them at the same time Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan were given a real tough time.
'It will likely affect the whole chain down to one million sari-sari stores,' University of Asia and the Pacific Center for Food and Agri Business Executive Director Rolando Dy told the BusinessMirror.
And in the first script they had me chaining myself to my desk, causing disruption in the squad room, and plunging the key to the lock of this chain down my blouse, and saying to Frank, 'You want the key, Frank, come and get it.' I refused to do it," she said.
Lenzing AG is the innovation and technology leader and cooperates with the whole value chain down to the brands and retailers.
If the banks are so friendly how come they chain down the pens