chain down

chain (something) down

To fasten or anchor something in place with chains. Chain your bike down so that no one steals it while you're shopping.
See also: chain, down

chain someone or something down

to fasten someone or something down with chains. They chained down the the bicycle rack so no one could steal it. We chained the tool-shed down so a strong wind would not blow it over.
See also: chain, down
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Lenzing AG is the innovation and technology leader and cooperates with the whole value chain down to the brands and retailers.
Through Cargills new bar code system, the company can now trace each individual bag of Ghanaian cocoa beans, sourced through the Cargill LBC, to the individual farm, creating a fully traceable supply chain down to farmer level for the first time in Ghana.
Australian burger chain Down N' Out, a restaurant managed by Hashtag Burgers, is now prepping up Pokeburgers, a selection of burgers with pocket monsters' faces on bulky burger buns.
Free Range 180 was "unique", he said, in that it adds value, beginning at the farmgate and filtering all the way through the milk chain down to the customer.
If the banks are so friendly how come they chain down the pens
The shock admission that Tesco's most recent profits warning to the City in August was much too optimistic sent shares in Britain's biggest supermarket chain down by as much as 11% to their lowest level in a decade.
With yarn needle, weave chain approx 3" up from side slit along one side of seam, weave across seam and weave chain down along other side of seam to create an upside down U for the cinched seam.
In its ruling in Bava Kama 83a, the Talmud restricts a dog owner to chain down his dog or to raise it in a border town where he keeps it chained during the daytime:
Additionally serialization of each unit provides companies visibility into their supply chain down to the unit level of every event, as well as providing visibility for optimal inventory forecasting.
The business suffered during Britain's frozen start to the year, with like-for-like sales at its Wickes DIY chain down by 6.
Appeals have been issued to persuade vicars and priests to increase security - to chain down lecterns, fit burglar alarms and closed-circuit TV, spray anti-climb paint, timed lighting devices, put wire mesh on windows, and anti-fire coating on stained glass.
Most contingent business interruption insurance is triggered by physical damage, but supply chain insurance is intended to cover a wide range of triggers, fuel shortages, transportation bottlenecks and other occurrences that don't result in direct physical damage to the original equipment manufacturer but that nevertheless shut its supply chain down.
The Record can reveal that the closure of 26 Haldanes stores, half of them north of the Border, comes within months of the firm launching the UGO cut-price chain down south with 20 stores in England.
Drug companies may think of product, price and marketing first and push supply chain down the list of priorities, but it is a significant challenge," Bailey says.