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be chafing at the bit

To be impatient and/or eager for something to happen or over some delay. Used to liken someone to an overexcited horse straining against its bit (the metal piece of the harness that fits between its jaws). I was chafing at the bit for the game to start. After two hours of waiting in the airport lobby, we were chafing at the bit to finally get on the plane.
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chafe at (something)

To feel or express annoyance in response to something. Bruce chafed at the idea that the new hire he was training made more money than him. You could tell he was chafing at the reporter's questions, but he still declined to comment.
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chafe at the bit

To be impatient and/or eager for something to happen or over some delay. Used to liken someone to an overexcited horse straining against its bit (the metal piece of the harness that fits between its jaws). The crowd chafed at the bit to see the unveiling of the new building. I've chafed at the bit for an opportunity like this my entire life!
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chafe at something

Fig. to be irritated or annoyed at something. Jane chafed at the criticism for a long time afterward. Jerry chafed for a while at what Ken had said.
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Among the reasons for chafing are clothing that is too tight or too loose, long distance activities like running or cycling, excess moisture from sweat or water sports, fabrics that don't wick moisture away and sensitive skin.
The team at this squadron also found two engineering issues: wire routing and chafing that cause the harness to be pulled into the structure at several flight stations (522, 544, and 566) and an AFCS closet near the No.
The FAA has also adopted a new AD applicable to certain Boeing 747 series aircraft that requires performing a one-time inspection for chafing of certain electrical wire bundles behind the flight engineer's panel in the cockpit; repairing any chafed wire bundles, if necessary; and installing Teflon sleeving over the inspected wire bundles and rerouting them.
Likewise, with hydraulic hoses, chafing of two hoses together, or the chafing of one hose with another surface, results in side-wall erosion and eventual leakage.
1 The existing jubilee line from Green Park to Chafing Cross will become a subsidiary spur for occasional use.
Menu alternatives can be as simple as a chafing dish with pasta and sauce.
In others that depict seemingly straight-identified men interacting in social and professional scenarios, homoeroticism smoulders between the subjects--barely contained within the chafing restraints of Western masculinity.
Of all of winter's foods, fondue is the most communal, bringing friends together around a simmering chafing dish.
Military aircraft take more abuse, and the wiring is crammed into smaller spaces, which increases the chances of chafing. The problems first cropped up at sea, in the harsh aircraft-carrier operations of the Navy.
Products that have zinc oxide are the standard of care, as zinc oxide provides a barrier to protect skin and also prevents chafing.
PS4.99 for 20ml from Lloyds Pharmacy Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel This provides a breathable barrier on your skin to prevent and aid healing on areas suffering with chafing. It is gentle, non-staining, non-greasy, fragrance free and dries on contact.
Chafing can occur when sweaty legs rub together and create friction.
Dublin, NH, March 01, 2013 --( 2Toms, makers of advanced athletic products to prevent blisters, chafing, and odors, is pleased to announce its 2013 sponsorship of the Warrior Hike “Walk Off The War” Program, a program designed to support wounded veterans transitioning from military service by hiking the Appalachian Trail.
Stop chafing by checking the sensing element lines during pre-flight inspections.
This airplane's starboard line also was routed the same way and was rerouted to prevent chafing.