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bad cess to (one)

A curse of bad luck upon one. "Cess" is an Irish term for luck. Primarily heard in New Zealand. If you can just lie to me like that, then bad cess to you!
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bad cess to

a curse on. chiefly Irish
The origin of cess in this expression is probably linked to the historical requirement for Irish households to provide the soldiers of their English overlords with provisions at the low prices ‘assessed’ by the government. Alternatively, the word could be a shortened form of success .
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Quoting information gathered from River Cess County Superintendent Bismark Karbiah, Mr.
"The GST Council considered this issue in its 20th meeting held on August 5 and recommended that the central government may move legislative amendments required for increasing the maximum ceiling of cess leviable on motor vehicles falling under headings 8702 and 8703 to 25 per cent instead of the present 15 per cent," the statement read.
While tax experts and analysts have welcomed the announcement of 15 per cent cap on the cess, bringing in much-needed certainty, not many of them are encouraged by the signals that the government and the GST Council have been sending with regard to the tax rates.
Furthermore, he stated that the cotton cess was imposed on the pattern of Excise Duty and under the law there was no excise duty on the locally made goods, including raw materials.
Speaking to The Pioneer, Assistant Labour Commissioner Atal Kumar said, "So far 90 companies including DMRC, NOIDA, JP, Supertech, OMAXE, Parsvnath have been identified, who have not paid cess. Notices have been issued.
"We started with three CESs the first year and today have about 85.
For more information about CESS, call the Council's Service Development Officer, Yvonne Shanley, on (0191) 283-1309, or email yvonne.shanley@stpct.nhs.uk
The Prime Minister said that the Sindh government has acceded to the federal government's request to withdraw cess on import of raw material by the units in the Zone.
"The information in the CESS is extremely valuable, since suppliers can use it to evaluate their company's performance, to assess product demand and to develop marketing strategies and long-range strategic planning," said IAFIS Director of Marketing Research Annette Damey.
"I don't think anyone anticipated that," says Cess. Researchers now must assess whether such effects actually occur in the real world, he says.
ISLAMABAD -- The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has waived off approximately Rs208 billion worth Gas Infrastructure Development Cess (GIDC) through a presidential ordinance while this amount had been already been collected from poor farmers and masses during the last five years, Pakistan Today learnt on Thursday.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 5 (ANI): Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Friday justified the increase in excise duty as well as road and infrastructure cess on petrol and diesel, saying the move will get resources for the developmental projects.
HARIPUR -- The excise and taxation department on Friday raided different industrial units in Hattar Industrial Estate over their owners' failure to pay development cess for three years.
PESHAWAR -- Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mehmood Khan has approved in principle utilization of tobacco development Cess (TDC) funds in the districts where it was produced in judicious manner.
Karachi -- Sindh government would place its demand to hand over gas infrastructure Cess to provinces and authority to collect sales tax on goods in upcoming National Finance Commission meeting in Islamabad.