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bad cess to (one)

A curse of bad luck upon one. "Cess" is an Irish term for luck. Primarily heard in New Zealand. If you can just lie to me like that, then bad cess to you!
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bad cess to

a curse on. chiefly Irish
The origin of cess in this expression is probably linked to the historical requirement for Irish households to provide the soldiers of their English overlords with provisions at the low prices ‘assessed’ by the government. Alternatively, the word could be a shortened form of success .
See also: bad, cess
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For instance, a standardised bag of potatoes weighs 50 kilogrammes but traders use extended packs that weigh up to 70 kilogrammes, but end up paying the same amount of S0 as cess levies.
They hoped that Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif will take up the matter personally and withdraw Punjab Infrastructure Development Cess act to in the larger interest of the business community.
After 28 per cent GST, to maintain the pre-GST tax incidence, the highest compensation cess rate required will have to be 25 per cent, the fitment committee felt.
There is already speculation that the inclusion of the enabling provision in the GST law to increase the peak rate from 28 per cent to 40 per cent was done with the intention of increasing the peak rate as soon as the compensation cess ceases to exist after the first five years.
The business community appreciated the decision for not charging past retrospective Gas Development Infrastructure Cess from Captive Power Plants, The rate of CNG and other retrospective of GIDC will be discussed in next meeting of the committee.
Elaborating on the introduction of measures to safeguard domestic industries and on local automotive assembly, Minister Bathiudeen said: "Taking into consideration the requests made by the Division on behalf of industrialists, the Cess on several items was increased / imposed such as, fresh, preserved, dried vegetables and fruits/ other vegetable and fruit products (to protect the local processed food industry), edible oils, margarine, sausage or preserved meat products, honey & jaggery, confectionaries, bakery products, food preparations, mineral water, vinegar, salt, among others.
If any company does not deposit cess prosecution will be conducted under chairmanship of district magistrate and report will be sent to UP Government.
We started with three CESs the first year and today have about 85.
ITA had also requested the West Bengal Government to grant exemption from payment of Primary Education Cess and Rural Employment Cess and Agricultural Income Tax for a further period of three years.
For more information about CESS, call the Council's Service Development Officer, Yvonne Shanley, on (0191) 283-1309, or email yvonne.
eIN From the moment of the creation CESS was focused on international issues and unites scientists from different countries of the world.
Package for KEPZ: Prime Minister has announced on May 22 abolition of cess on imports of raw material and reduction in different charges relating to land and warehousing units from 17 per cent to 58 per cent to make investment at Karachi Export Processing Zone attractive, effective July 1, 2003.
The appeals court affirmed the dismissal of the telephone charges allegation, holding that there was no authority for the proposition that inmates were entitled to a specific rate for telephone calls and that the facts alleged did not support the conclusion that the rate charged was so exorbitant as to deprive inmates of telephone ac cess all together.
That is one of the key findings in the 1999 edition of CESS, an annual research study of U.
Cess of the State University of New York at Stony Brook.