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certainly not

Absolutely not. A: "Now, be honest—have you ever stolen money from this company?" B: "Certainly not!"
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Definitely not!

 and Certainly not!
No, without any doubt at all. (Compare this with Absolutely not!) Bill: Will you lend me some money? Bob: No way! Definitely not! Bob: Have you ever stolen anything? Fred: Certainly not!
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"'Certainly,' cried little Hans, 'I take it quite as a compliment your coming to me, and I will start off at once.
"'Little Hans is certainly a great loss to every one,' said the Blacksmith, when the funeral was over, and they were all seated comfortably in the inn, drinking spiced wine and eating sweet cakes.
I will certainly take care not to give away anything again.
If you had done so, I certainly would not have listened to you; in fact, I should have said 'Pooh,' like the critic.
CANBERRA (TAP) - Two pieces of debris found in the western Indian Ocean "almost certainly" came from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, investigators with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau said Tuesday.
"We certainly applaud the unity that was shown by Iraqi leaders from across the political spectrum...
For a PS28m striker, Romelu Lukaku certainly seems to struggle to hit the target when given the chance.
CHARLOTTE Olympia is well known for her fun, quirky accessory designs and this perspex bag, left, is certainly a head-turner.
david.a.daw.5 ON the basis of our pack's performance against France we should certainly have the edge on England up front, while we certainly have a better back line than them.
YOU certainly are never too old to learn and with Margery Armitage in charge no-one can have any excuses.
* SPANISH clothing chain Mango has certainly had the pick of the Hollywood A-listers when it comes to modelling their brand.
Club Penguin Game Day DISNEY, WY II, pounds 29.99 MY goodness the Wii certainly seems to have found its niche as a haven for mini game based titles.
Regarding the article "Risks of the Faithful," on Page 20 of the February issue of Risk & Insurance[R], on church risk management by columnist Chris Mandel, I have met Chris and he seems to be a nice guy and certainly knowledgeable on risk.