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turn of the century

the time when the year changes to one with two final zeros, such as from 1899 to 1900. (Although technically incorrect-a new century begins with the year ending in 01—most people ignore this.) My family moved to America at the turn of the century. My uncle was born before the turn of the last century.
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turn of the century

The beginning or end of a particular century, as in That idiom dates from the turn of the century, that is to say, about 1900. This expression was first recorded in 1926.
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the ˌturn of the ˈcentury/ˈyear

the time when a new century/year starts: He was born around the turn of the century.
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century note

n. a one-hundred-dollar bill. (see also C-note.) I got a couple of century notes for driving these guys home from the bank.
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Rather, the Place de Greve gained this meaning because it became a "microcosm," both symbolically and in reality, of the contentious merging of representational, political, economic, demographic and centralizing trends that had their origins in the eighteenth century, but saw their explosive results occur especiall y in the nineteenth century.
American Century Investments today introduced "My [Whatever] Plan," a packaged offering designed specifically for people at the beginning stages of investing.
CENTURY will be sailing 7-night, alternating Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries year-round from Fort Lauderdale,
We have witnessed attempts to do precisely this in our century more than any other.
Davidson continued: "Our Global 21 winners exemplify a commitment to personal and professional growth to the CENTURY 21 brand and to delivering superior service to real estate consumers in markets around the world.
The "Medieval" phase starts with the invention of the lute (most likely based on the Arabic 'ud) in Spain in the mid-thirteenth century and ends with the declining use of the medieval monophonic ensemble style in the late fifteenth century.
At the turn of the twenty-first century, two trends in the world of research libraries seem clear, one ominous, one hopeful.
In other words, they are currently investing more in education relative to their per-capita income than the United States did at the beginning of the human-capital century.
Recyclers who wish to sell into this strategic market can make an important ally in 21st Century Programming.
There is nothing at all on masturbation as a physical activity, or even a definition, (1) let alone any discussion of whether incidence or technique differs according to social and physical variables, such as education level, religion, age of puberty or whether circumcised--the last a prominent topic in nineteenth and twentieth century debate.
545, for instance (Example 8), notice the slurs, including an unusually long slur in measures 2-3 (especially rare for the 18th century in that it carries over a bar line).
The 20th century could--at least in the Western world-be called the Century of the Woman.
First, the effort throughout the twentieth century to control the voices of Baptist women resulted in noiseless voices, frustrated yet powerful in some cases.
The Century is Over, Evolutionary Tree of Twentieth-Century Architecture.
Selected milestones in the evolution of career development practices in the twentieth century.