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center field

1. In baseball, the area of the field beyond second base and in the middle of the outfield. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. He hit the ball into center field—and right into the glove of the outfielder.
2. In baseball, the position of a player who occupies and defends the center of the field. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. My goal is to be fast enough to play center field next year.
3. A position between extremes or in line with what is generally accepted or understood. Often used with "left of" or "right of" (usually referring to political ideology) to indicate a more biased position. The president has been accused by both political parties of wanting to stay in center field on the issue of tax reform. Once I heard John's liberal ideas, I knew his beliefs were left of center field.
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center of attraction

A person, place, or thing that attracts the most attention among others. There were many movie stars at the premiere, but the leading lady was the center of attraction. Temple Bar is definitely the center of attraction in Dublin.
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be center stage

To be the main focus. I'm not talking about my promotion today because my sister's engagement should be center stage. Her photos will be center stage at the exhibit.
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left, right, and centre

In many different places or to many different people all at once. Primarily heard in UK. Ever since the company started, we've had financial issues left, right, and centre. The economy has been devastating people left, right, and centre in this country.
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take center stage

To be the main focus. I'm not talking about my promotion today because my sister's engagement should take center stage. Her photos took center stage at the exhibit.
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1. Not perfectly lined up in the center of something. I don't know. I still think the picture looks a little off-center.
2. Not standard, typical, or usual; unique or odd. We've taken an off-center approach to solving this problem.

take centre stage

COMMON If someone or something takes centre stage, they become the most significant or noticeable person or item in a situation. Note: `Centre' is spelled `center' in American English. This theme takes centre stage in his latest novel. Note: Verbs such as hold and occupy are also used instead of take. She has held centre stage for a decade now and has just enjoyed her biggest US hit in years. The summit is the first time he has occupied centre stage at an important international gathering since coming to power last year. Note: The stage referred to is in the theatre. The centre of the stage is the position where actors are most noticeable.
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left, right, and centre


left and right

You use left, right, and centre to show that something is happening or being done a lot. They're expecting the state to pay out money left right and centre. The Postal Service has been losing customers left and right.
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left, right, and centre (also left and right or right and left)

on all sides.
1996 Loaded She relocated to New York… quickly finding herself heralded left, right and centre as The Face Of The '80s.
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ˌleft, right and ˈcentre


ˌright, left and ˈcentre

(British English) (American English ˌleft, right and ˈcenter, ˌright, left and ˈcenter) (informal) in or from all directions: He was shouting orders left, right and centre.She was criticized right, left and centre for her views on education.
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