center around (someone or something)

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center around (someone or something)

To focus on someone or something. But it's Beth's surprise party, not yours, so all the decorations and games should center around her and her alone. This novel centers around the protagonist's journey to self-discovery.
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center around someone or something

to make someone or something the central point in something; to be based on someone or something. Your salary increases center around your ability to succeed at your job. The success of the picnic centers around the weather next week.
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center around

1. To be primarily concerned with something: The plot of this story centers around the life of a cowboy.
2. To make or do something that is primarily concerned with something else: We centered our discussion around the problem of homelessness.
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Advanced Digital Information Corporation (Nasdaq:ADIC) has announced that it has been awarded a contract to provide automated tape libraries for over 40 United States Marine Corps (USMC) network centers around the world.
The controversy centers around the Church at Pierce Creek, a 300-member congregation in Vestal, N.Y., that is home to radical anti-abortion protestor Randall Terry.
It plans to set up information kiosks at public shopping centers around Baltimore where people can access the Internet and the library's electronic resources, Kadis says.
The briefing was arranged by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, an intergovernmental umbrella organization for 18 agricultural research centers around the world, including CIAT.
"On June 12, World Trade Centers around the world will demonstrate their unity in the wake of Sept.
The story centers around Oufoula Sindede, an African diplomat, who is married with children--but is possessed by Marguerite, a New York artist and friend of a fellow diplomat's wife.
This black comedy centers around police life as the police begin a pilot project by order of the governor to control speeding on the state highways.
The old town centers around the Romanesque church of St.
Dorus and his colleagues, whose report will appear in an upcoming JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, assembled a sample of 457 men in treatment for alcoholism at seven Veterans Administration Medical Centers around the country.
Most of the plot centers around the defense of Paris, then located on the main island in the Seine where Notre Dame cathedral was later built.
The novel centers around Jada Diamond Tanner, a single, seemingly self-assured, vivacious vixen who is approaching her 30th birthday.
"We are committed to growth in all major destinations and business centers around the world, particularly in Europe, so we are delighted to be represented in Germany's capital, Berlin," Meinhold said.
The story centers around the town's annual celebration of the Emancipation Proclamation and opens with the preparations for the 1986 Halley's Landing Emancipation Festival, just a year after the death of a young boy named El.
Hartz Mountain's office space centers around this region.
The story centers around the exploits of our hero, Captain Abraham Blackman, who is seriously wounded in Vietnam.
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