center around

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center around (someone or something)

To focus on someone or something. But it's Beth's surprise party, not yours, so all the decorations and games should center around her and her alone. This novel centers around the protagonist's journey to self-discovery.
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center around someone or something

to make someone or something the central point in something; to be based on someone or something. Your salary increases center around your ability to succeed at your job. The success of the picnic centers around the weather next week.
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center around

1. To be primarily concerned with something: The plot of this story centers around the life of a cowboy.
2. To make or do something that is primarily concerned with something else: We centered our discussion around the problem of homelessness.
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In its document Nostra Aetate, the council called upon the faithful to recognize and explore the rich spiritual heritage common to Christianity and Islam so that the future of Christian-Muslim relations may no longer center around violent confrontation but rather around peaceful and mutually enriching exchange and dialogue.
Clutton-Brock rates meerkats as "fabulously cooperative." Their groups of 2 to 30 adults center around one breeding pair, although sometimes subordinates contribute a few pups.
The other 20% of your time should center around developing less important professional ties.
Paul Bronkhorst of the Instituut summed up the heart of the conference by pointing out that discussions will center around the ways dancers have been taught, trained, choreographed, and managed, and how they are maintaining their health throughout their lives in dance.
UPN is apparently working on a black-oriented drama, although its premise is just as predictable as are UPN's comedies: It will center around high-school basketball.
This book is not great literature, and the authors might have had little to write about had their lives not come to center around a physical challenge.