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censure someone (for something)

to criticize someone formally for having done something. Please don't censure us for doing our duty. The legislature proposed to censure one of its members.
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I want to hear justice praised in respect of itself; then I shall be satisfied, and you are the person from whom I think that I am most likely to hear this; and therefore I will praise the unjust life to the utmost of my power, and my manner of speaking will indicate the manner in which I desire to hear you too praising justice and censuring injustice.
No matter what Tammy Bruce actually said or meant to say," wrote Ireland in censuring Bruce, "her statements gave people strong perceptions that are inconsistent with and damaging to our central commitment to racial justice and to NOW's ongoing work on feminist issues.
Sonja Kramarska explains in Utrinski Vesnik why the column of analyst Ivor Mickovski has been censured and adds that it did not contain anything worth censuring.
The scandal caused by the allegations had led opposition members of Congress to consider censuring the Cabinet headed by Jara in February.
EWEB commissioners moved into uncharted waters last month when they voted to consider censuring one of their own members.
About 250 residents submitted a petition for last night's warrant calling for censuring the School Committee because of actions taken while the School Department was under investigation by state and federal agencies for alleged misuse of school money and ethics violations.
Q: Why did you decide to testify at the March 31 Senate Judiciary hearing on censuring Bush?
In censuring her, board members sought only to voice their opinion that she violated the ethics policy and to ask that she not engage in similar conduct in the future," said Judge Deanell Tacha of the Denver-based 10th Circuit U.
41) Members of Congress have no more business censuring executive branch officials than the President has censuring members of Congress.
But, I ask the question, if this will stop us from censuring the mayor?
A new disagreement in Republican ranks over how to handle the Monica Lewinsky affair deepened with veteran Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter shooting down the idea of censuring President Clinton.